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20 minutes – the widow of the goods-jane breaks her silence


Saturday, November 17, "Goods" Jens died of lung cancer at the age of 49. On Friday, family and friends on a private funeral in Mallorca took the leave of pop singer and TV star – now his widow Daniela (40) gave her first interview for a long time.


How many times do you see "Goodbye Deutschland", does it show Malé-Jane's?

The opposite of the German RLL says, "I do not know how I can do something and how to live without it," I missed my partner, with whom I can wake up in the evening and tell me that she loves me I'm just like that. "She will miss her laugh and the scent of her hair.

"We know how we can solve the damage"

According to the Wax program Daniela, she always smells the pillow placed on her bed until she dies! "Then I open my eyes and understand that he is not there. I do not sleep at night, I rarely eat, I just work."

"We do not know how we can handle this damage," she honestly accepted the video message for RTL. Daniela Buchner, especially "We" and two twins, two-year-old Jenna Soraia and Diego Armani, also brought her to three children and lost her father in 2009.

She told RTL, "My mother's heart is bleeding, when I see how children suffer," they looked at her as a father's figure. "

In a letter published on Jane Cucci's best friend and Balerman colleague Marian "Crambs" Pfeff (45), Stern told them goodbye. (Video: Glomax / Tempered)

«I've missed my husband forever»

At the moment he is afraid that she will never be happy again. At the top, it needs a lot of time and comfort for her and her children to "understand what has happened in the last few days and weeks".

The video message ends with these words: "Sometimes we will see each other again. And I know only one thing, I've missed my husband eternally."

On Monday, the 40-year-old announced that he would not go to the RTL Jungle Camp as planned in January. Your participation in "I'm a star – get me out of here"! It is expected to be postponed until 2020.

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