Sunday , January 17 2021

20 minutes – Tourists go into a grave danger – for the photo?

"Is it not restricted?" Social Network Twitter asks the user of the Wright Railway (RHB). This question shows a photo with a timecode, on which a man and woman emerge dangerously close to the RHB railway at Landsseer Viaduct in Philsur GR. In the background you can see the nearest train. As the «Southeastern Switzerland» writes, this image was taken by the webcam of the Haitian Route.

The Rahatian Railway passes through these beautiful landscapes

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"National Geographic" recently published a video of the Wright Range, which also shows Widecut. Since the video was clicked 100,000 times, it is expected that the Asher is similar to the hyper-generated hyper.

The action would have been deadly

According to Simone Ragat of the Rahatian Railway Corporate Communications, the behavior of two people on the photo is not strictly restricted, but it also emphasizes that staying in the railroad can be very dangerous. Raghett said, "Again and again, indefinite trains are used, this is also one." Train control in the background is the car's commissioning.

How exactly the couple managed properly on the track is still unclear. For Raghete, it is imaginary that both legs started at the bottom of the belt and left the road towards the viewing platform. "The rest of the people had to walk with the train and could have crossed them too." According to Raget, the people in the picture did not know anything about the train, so this action could end brutally.

There is no separate case

The couple's action was not a separate case, it also shows a second image that is currently spread over social networks.

(Image: Twitter)

Report to a media spokesperson, "Something like this happens frequently – across the entire network." However, if someone is caught, the person in that place will be fired. In addition, legal action may also be taken into account. "

The above photograph was approved with man on the track, Ragat could not imagine. "Permits will only be given to the film's employees or journalists, and they can not compete alone," he says. To ensure safety, you will have trained security personnel. Railways also keep themselves away from these types of photographs: "We basically try to promote or endorse such scenes."


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