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A filmmaker who broke all the chains – news culture: the movie

All the confusion, all thoughts and forebodings inside humans, fifty people of fear and heart – have received a short expression for them, such as British director Nicolas Dise, who died in the 90's on Saturday. In 1973, it was released with the psychological fear of "Do Look Now", whose German title, "When Gondolas Wreak Grief", almost reached the surreal poetry. At the beginning of this girl in the red raincoat, which falls in the pond against the home, in which the father studies a slide, suddenly turns out of blood-red color: breaking their chains of disease events with their visual assembly techniques. The time was fervent, suppressed emotional states.

Since then, there is no more scary movie about grief. And the disease was happy that the sex scene between Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie seemed so humble that the audience believed her to be real. Born in London in 1928, Roy worked as a cameraman on the other staff of Lawrence of Arabia. His own films were considered all scams: "Performance" (1970) with Wild Mick Jagar, then about two English brothers and sisters after Aboriginal Boy by "Walkabout" (1971) Outback. The disease was definitely a person to make even more strangers than ever seen in David Bowie "The Who Fell to Earth" (1976).

Ahead of its time

With their collaborative style, which included interesting use of Bruce Cut and Zoom, Ryan showed trauma and excitement of Manas: Kaleidoscopically, things come together without fully understanding it. He entered experimental forms in the popular cinema in the 1970s; The list of many directors from Christopher Nolan to Paul Thomas Anderson is long.

The person who did the condensation before and after the cinema was ahead of her time. The audience went seldom, recently created Roged Spondaley Television. He said, "Yes, I think there is a problem," he said in 1987 about the relationship with the audience. The Dictionary can be explained in the sentence that the dictionary Dominic Graf wrote for the first time to watch Nicholas Disease: "This was to do more clearly in life than cinema."

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