Saturday , June 10 2023

AIDS -Hipf Schwis and TKF have campaigned against AIDS patients


Every year on December 1, World Aids Day remembers HIV / AIDS. AIDS-Hilf Schwiew and its agency TKF are communicating and designing people to educate people rather than threats or morals, but in a positive, sympathetic and relaxed manner. HIV positive people fear, prejudice, and discrimination, but emotions and emotions make it stronger. Poster modes and pictures.

By the end of November 2018 there will be a three-issue campaign. Digital screens and posters.

AIDS-Hilfeld Responsibility: Andreas Lehner (Managing Director), Fabian Sanchans (Project Manager). TKF Responsible: Alexander Führer, Tim Stockkar, Matthias Eberbebel (Creation), Sandra Sigrid (Consulting).

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