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Beech Valley Labolball Championship in Moscow: "Joanok" is in the semifinals!

Joanna Heidrich and Anouk Verghese-Drapri are also celebrating in the quarter-finals of the Beech Vly Lib. Sweden wins the Czech duo against Kwapilova / Kubikova with 21: 15, 18:21, 15:13.

It was a difficult season for Joanna Heidrich (27) and Anuk Varga-Dé Prey (27). The pair have had to re-invent after a break from injury to block player Hedrich. Hamburg had a round of 16 qualifiers at the World Championships. That means the first round of knockout in Gastad, Espinho and Vienna has already finished the stage for the pair, which still lacks the consistency and rhythm of the game.

Hedrich / Varga-Drapri was expected to give the best result of the season so far at the European Championships in Moscow. In his group the Swiss also had the benefit of a strong Finns Lahti / Parkinson's injury failure. As the group winners they advanced straight into the second round and outscored Behrens / Tillman (D / 5) in tiebreak.

In the quarterfinals "Joanok" met Czech women Michala Kwapilova and Michaela Kubikova. Against the Germans he developed a similar game as before: the Swiss could clearly decide the opening set for themselves and the second set would simply leave the opponents. But strengthening their confidence that they could win the Round of 16 in the tiebreak, they could not beat the quarter-finals. Today they meet in the semi-final on the Poles Vojtasic / Kosiolec (10.00 Clock, Live SRF2). "We're happy," said Verge-Dre Prey, "with difficult conditions, bad weather, and a difficult game in the empty auditorium."

But they also do not want to be misled today.

Kwapilova / Kubikova CZ [27]- Hidrich / Varga-dé Prey, a. SUI [15] 1-2 (15-21, 21-18, 13-15)

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