Sunday , May 9 2021

Boazley sent pilots to tutoring

Twenty people died in the crash of a Ju-Air plane in August. The federal office is now calling for action for civil aviation. So check the classic cars more often. And the pilots have to go back to school.

Ju-Air Boss Kurt Waldmeyer wants to see his two July -52s in the air again in the spring. The Federal Office of Civil Aviation (Bazl) is behind it but is a question mark. The impact of the crash of Ju-52 on Peugeot Segunas and the answer to the latest findings of the Swiss Safety Investigation Board (SAS) on AOC.

"We can not answer this question." Ju-Air must first prove that the two licensed August machines in Switzerland do not have the same damage as an accident. Besle's spokesman Urs Holderger told the newspaper "Sonnaggetige" From now on, they will be checked for their airport every year.

Pilot for the school desk

In addition, Ju-Air pilots had to complete refresher courses. Only then will they allow to fly "Aunt Joo" again. The main focus was on two major captains and the operation with associated communications and cooperation. The crew decision was also implemented. Since June-spokesman Christian Gartman confirmed the bloc, these courses were held last summer.

Machines can be at high risk of safety, because focusing on classic vintage cars such as Jujee 52, Busle has been developing "Aging Aircraft Program" since 2011. In the future, they are going to pass special special programs, which are prepared by their operators and approved by the supervisory authority. Jun-Air has been working with DuBendorf since this year.

Special control program must be available in winter

The machine was crashed on Piez Segunas, such a special control program had already been established before the accident. Holdenger told the newspaper, "The construction on the Jue-Air was ongoing at the time of the accident." Busl now demands that these responsible people present this winter related program.

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