Saturday , September 24 2022

Bucket Bitcoin Futures Product is expected to hit the market in September


After a long wait, Bucket's highly anticipated Bitcoin (BTC) futures product is almost a reality: today, the company announced that it could launch its platform and product next week.

The news then spreads like wildfire in the crypto industry, with bitcoin saying about 4% climb to a peak of about $ 10,000 to $ 410,450.



Buck's CEO Kelly Lofler noted today that the company's "ambitious vision" of bringing institutional structures to the crypto markets is on September 23, a month later. Got it.

Previously, the platform had the approval of all required regulatory authorities – including the Commodities and Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and the New York State Department Financial Services. They have confirmed the company as a qualified custodian of Bitcoin, which physically supports fixed futures products.

Regulatory exchanges differ from trading platforms such as crypto spot markets, including risk management, compliance and market oversight, Loffer added, emphasizing the benefits of a fully regulated platform for the crypto industry.

Please note: Loeffler also states that all futures products are covered by the "ICE Clear US" guarantee. This ensures that all products are protected by strong insurance funds.

B I Cut Futures Contracts Also ICE Clear US Is covered by the Existing Guarantee Fund, which has an established risk water case in multiple commodity markets … It is important that we designed the Bitcoin Warehouse to offer Bitcoin regulatory and safe custody. , Which is protected by 125 million in insurance, he said.

BTC jumped on the news of the launch of the bucket

With the launch of the Bucket platform, Bitcoin prices have risen to the top of the $ 10,400 Dowler, down from a low of $ 10,000, before stabilizing at the current 10,370 Dollar.

Although it is not yet clear whether this news will be enough to propel BTC in the near future, it is likely that Crypto-Papa will strengthen the upward momentum it first heard yesterday. Because it had a strong recovery after recovering to a low of 9,500.

As the platform draws closer to its official launch next month, the hype surrounding its launch is likely to revive crypto markets and improve investor sentiment.

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