Saturday , October 1 2022

Building fire in Lytau Lu


A fire broke out in the multi-store building near the train station in Lytau Lun on Monday evening. One in three families was able to hurt the rescue workers. Fire department fire.

A passing passenger sounded alarm at 10.30 in the morning because he smoked most of the chest on the building opposite the station. Against news agency Keiston-Sda, Fire Department Commander Theo Honnermane on the site said that it is possible to find the fire in the intermediate floor between the ground floor and the first floor.

From the upper apartment of the building, in which the business is also held, emergency services have evacuated three people with an airier stairs. Otherwise nobody was in the building. The firefighters were treated with suspicious smoking poisons.

Fire brigade was introduced with some difficulty due to the large amount of smoke development and early high temperatures. So he had to make exhaust openings to go somewhere near the fire first.

During midnight, the fire was under control. There were about a hundred people in use. The cause of the fire must be determined and the amount of damage must be determined. According to Honnerman, it was possible to limit the fire inside the building. Rail traffic was not affected by the operation. (SDA)

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