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Cloten and Alten still have no opportunity to publicize, but …

Martin Euler of EHC Alten Picture: Keystone

Cloten and Alten still have no opportunity to propagate, but …

Rappersville-Joanna Lakers can be silent for that time. Alton or Kloten has no promotion format. But we know the beginning of the highest league in Alton.

No, it was not a very top battle. Alten (2nd) defeated Cloten (6th) away 3: 2. But the league is Chase-Day-Fond's League Leaders.

But EHC Alten and EHC Kloten are the only hockey companies to have the infrastructure, financial strength and object to return to the top league.

To find out if the lakers are threatened with descent in the event of a fall, a visual inspection helps dispute between these two Titans of the Swiss League.

Statistics are comfortable for Lakers (or maybe for HCD). A year ago, Lakers led the table with 78 points and 130: 50 goals in the Swiss League in 32 games.

In such domination, Le Chaux-D-Fonds (66 points / 108: 85), Alten (65 points / 135: 65 goals) and Kloten (57 points / 114: 89 goals) are far from each other.

In fact, Cloten and Olten, two famous promoters, lack of style, confidence, balance, defensive stability and insulting power of last year's lacquer. Both cups have long been left. However, Lakers won the cup last season. They were in the Swiss League tactic and playful A-level a year ago. Alten and Kloten are still far from it.

Swiss hockey cup winners in modern times:

Both teams still play in normal B-hockey. They are not well-arranged enough to do the disc work for them. They have to run a long distance with a punk or have to run a lot to get rid of lost defeats, near defensive holes or to remove bad aspects. The attitude of self-centered "chelfler hockey" is not to be avoided in both teams. It's good for entertainment value. But little better for two cores.

Rene Beck Picture: Keystone

But it was a nice, dramatic and often intense game. Two critical scenes are actually the characteristics of Kloten's weaknesses and the strength of the alten. Out of all, René Beck, along with his experience of over 900 national league games, is a last-minute stolen by Jurier van Pottenheim, who won by Jr. and Portnahl 3-1 in the past by a well-known Lucas Hass. We learned from this: Cloton is still strategically unstable.

Olten's Canadian Brian Gervais scored in 2: 1 seconds after the end of the penalty. We'll learn from: Altinar was strong and more passionate about this and was stronger than the Clowner. And at EHC Kloten, after all the excitement and drama of the last few years, they are still very good in the concerned Swiss League. Neither leadership nor players are really ready for revival in the strength of the proceedings.

If it was a League qualification now with Altan or Kloten against Lakers or HC Davos, it would be obvious for Lakers or HCD. Especially the level difference between the highest and the second highest leagues is greater than this season one year ago.

Can Lakers and Davos silently move towards the agenda? No, it will be fatal.

Olten or Kloten should be successful in winning the Swiss League – and it is very possible – you will not forget what you have read so far. Because then the "soft" factors will determine. After the emotionally charged Kloten or Altane, deep unprotected Rappers-Jonah or Davos will find. With the chance of 50:50.

League qualification is always like a new love or a new championship. Everything that has happened, fades and is now counted.

In such a case, the Alten will be more dangerous than the Cloten. Alltoner's game is more emotional than the already more dynamic, clutter. These guys can have a playful taste for artistic stubborn. But they are hungry, so they are hungry. Alltoner is on a mission. They have not won anything in 26 years (!). Really unbearable position for a hockey town like Olten.

Chris Bartolon Picture: Keystone

This initial issue is the chance of life for Olton's head coach Chris Bartolon. If he does not appear in the final, he should count his days in Alton. After the temptation to stop Kevin Slapper with "Mission Resurrection" will become more influential. It remains on the other side of the blue mountains of Sisacha. The otters are no longer behind three years old, who they wager have a better chance of winning. We have an introductory introduction into the Altan.

Kloten could only be freed from the mediation, because the NHL legend for seven games (12 points) helped Jassi Jokonenen (35) to temporarily and finally worked with a large Helvetic goalkeeper in the target of Joan van Pottelberg.

Does the devil have only Dell Curto's faith and deprive him of shelter and exile from Cloton? Joan van Pottelberg is the most influential and stylishly confident Golie in the second-highest league. Without it, would have lost the difference with five or six goals against Klotner Allton. In the playoff, she can pick Cloton on the title. He will not play however in the qualifying league against Davos. In this way it was done with HCD.

Joan van Pottelberg Image: AP / Canadian Press

Jucci Joaquin is still in the NHL Or found an employer in other places. What if it succeeds in getting the Finn back? It will cost too much money. But then Cloton will be the title favorite. Jussi Joaquin will organize things for coach Andre Rothley on ice.

But too: Kloten and Olten can compete only for winning the League league for league qualification. And it's not in any particular way. La Chaux-D-Fonds and Azawi are now the most dangerous playoffs outdoors, and chasing against Langthal or Vispathy has not been canceled for the Kloten or Alten. Because they are not as stylish as the last season of the Lakers

There will be salvation for Wales-B-winner Lakers and Davos. If Aajee can not stand and lose the La Chaux-Day-Funds for the Legs or Davos League qualifiers, 46 years ago, HC will be the biggest shame for the Elementary hockey from La Chaux-D-Fond's final title. Or really a worse one.

I'm sticking with him: OLTEN and CLOTTON are the only risk to lose the NL Playouts. And the Alten is a very big danger.

12 NLA Club Stadium – Plot or Cloten:

Hockey fans will not say anything:

Video: Angelina Graf

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