Saturday , January 16 2021

Cologne's premature tour day skins end

The last day of the Tour Day Ski is done without Dario Colganna. Due to its strong irritation, it grows prematurely. Nathalie von Sebenthal is 15 years old

On Friday, Dario Colgna had already complained. "Two sprintos have made me feel very well and have started cough, which has given me a lot of power," Munsthal said about his influence about asthma.

Since then, it has not improved, it has also got worse. So Colona has decided to go through the last phase of the Tour Day Ski till Alperm's. This Sunday says Swiss skein.

Embarrassing due to the emergency was particularly bad after a race of 15 km on Saturday. "We have a negative surprise that the second sprint ridge is so strong that cough is not prevented during the race, but before and after the race,» the team of Swiss cross-country skiing team explains doctor Patrick Knock.

Now everything in the direction of the World Cup

Team around Cologne is already looking forward. Knock: "For Dario Colguna, attention is increasing rapidly, especially in the lungs, as well as preparing for the World Championships in seafield."

Tour day ski ends in a disappointment for the record winners (4 successes). A top result would not have been seen but. At the overall position, the 32-year-old was 12 minutes behind, just under four minutes.

Tour winners are won by shooting star John Klebby. The 22-year-old tour deputy from Norway is 16.7 seconds ahead of Russian Sergei Ustiugov and his follower Simon Hagstad Kruger is 48.8 seconds – five out of seven, he has decided for himself.

Nathalie von Seibenthal is in the final stages. But Bernice Obedland's daughter's daughter does not leave Italy with a feeling of happiness: she completes her 10th-minute tour of the 15th place winner, Osterberg.

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