Tuesday , January 31 2023

Comment: Migrose DNA Stories


Migrose wants to withdraw globbus and interiors because they are no longer related to migrose DNA. This debugging management chatter is: if they were profitable they would be very well-related to the family.

Gottlieb Deutschwiller was a small-scale revolutionary. He made life easier for people Before its Migrose, you went to the grocery store and demanded, for example, take as much money as you had in your pants. The seller weighted it harshly, filled it in a bag and smashed on the counter. If you were short of cash, then the seller immediately noticed – and fall into the collapse-boogie, sometimes a shameful conversation. On the other hand, "Diet", its weight weight and pack from the beginning. 200 g flour, 500 g sugar, yogurt in the cup. It was sold in a round by Migrose Vegan. It was efficient and modern.

Earlier, such old people told elderly people. Absolutely gratitude always responds. It is the Migrose DNA which the company still depends on.

On Thursday, Migrose announced a hit: Subsidiaries M-Way, Depot, Interoos and especially Globe will be sold. On Friday, Fitness Center M-Fit and chicken fast food restaurants were added to Chicaria. The reason? They do not fit in Migrose DNA. Stressed Migrose boss Fabrice Zumbrunenen often. They succeed elsewhere See now – meditation, phrase, phrase, phrase, phrase, phrase, phrase

So what is it that makes Migrose? When does the company get fit in the family and when can it be withdrawn? Let's take a company like M-Way. She sells electric bicycles in good parts on the Internet. A sustainable product in the future market. Please, what should not be done in Migrose? Or Broken Globus The department store has been owned by Migrose for 20 years.

Clear: The expensive image of the co-founder is not it. But: The most profitable part of Globus is the Deliassion section. Migrose also does banking on the noble brand with "Selection". And thanks to the high margins, it makes good money.

The trade in retail trade has become hard, ruthless. Who does not fit trim, dies It is legal for migrose books – even as a cooperative, it does not need to divide profits to shareholders.

You already have doubts: If today's talk of Migrose DNA, then it's not about the way Migrose made life easier for the people. Of course, if the Globus or Interiors were profitable, they would continue to fit with Migrose DNA that Fabrice Zumbrunnen spoke on Thursday.

This is something else: for survival. Everything else is different.

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