Tuesday , June 22 2021

Critical privacy issues discovered in Microsoft Office

A privacy-pricing assessment by Dutch government commissioned by Microsoft Office ProPlus has revealed critical privacy issues. As a result, product suite phones are much higher than ever.

Privacy Policy & Privacy Policy The Dutch Ministry of Security and Law Commission has made a Privacy Impact Assessment (DPIA) in the Microsoft Office. The DPI Office handles ProPlus and certifies a serious privacy problem. In addition to the usual diagnostic data, Redmond's software will also transfer personal information to the server's servers in standard settings. In Netherlands, 300,000 employees use different government organizations – ministers, justice, police, etc.

Microsoft will collect this data

Report available independently [PDF] It also explains how Microsoft analyzes the personal use of the word, excel, powerpoint, and Outlook, without specifying unbiased information about this method. In addition, Microsoft does not offer an option to limit or disable data collection. In addition, the view of the transferred data is not possible.

Redmond made a special fix for Office Software, similar to Windows 10. It routinely sends telemetry data to their servers in the US. For example, users are gathering information on events happening when the backspace key is used several times in a line. This indicates that multiple words exist in a word because the spelling is unknown. Similarly, the entire sentence passes before and after the user is viewed individually, for example, an online spell checker or translation service.

In addition, Microsoft uses data not only through the built-in telemeter client, but also captures and stores the connected services. For example, if the user has access to the service connected to the service as well as through the Office software, Microsoft will collect personal information in system logged-in logins.

Depending on the technical data about data collection, such as mail headers or IP addresses for web companies, private company approves a blog post about privacy calibration. However, this data should not be permanently protected except for legal security issues.
Microsoft claims 23,000 to 25,000 different mobile devices in total cell phone, and transfers them to the company's servers for inquiry. The work is done from 20 to 30 engineering teams. Thus, data collection and data analysis in Office ProPlus was much wider than Windows 10 – Microsoft's data protection agencies and authorities were forced to improve.

The blogs of private software have already carried out responsibilities of Microsoft receiving private software. For example, they work on the telemetry data device to watch. In addition, a setup (Zero exostust) is designed to prevent data leakage.

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