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Danny Trejo rescues a child from an upset car

Only in his films is Danny Trejo fearless. In a car accident before his eyes, he reacted like a real hero.

Danny Trejo (75) is a hero who needs Los Angeles. While the actor's role in Machete's role is similar to that of a rough man, in real life he shows a wider heart and even more courage: when he saw a car accident last Wednesday, he immediately goes to action and rescues the little boy's car.

Kills the machete, Danny Trejo helps

On a sunny Wednesday afternoon, Danny Trejo runs through Los Angeles, thinking there is no harm. There he broke before his eyes. The machete actor tells "TMZ" how he noticed the unconscious driver before the car accident. When she then stops at the red intersection, she drives and rushes to the side – filling her car in a roll. Danny Trejo is spot on.

"I've heard her scream & # 39; My baby, my baby!" & # 39; Trejo says, a big Mexican helped me open the curved door, and a young woman was able to pull the seatbelt from the other side, Got in my hands, "Trejo says. The boy was clearly in a panic, but here, too, Trejo knew how to react: "I told him while posing: & # 39; Move, we have to use our superpowers! & # 39; It was full and quiet." Could be done. "

Danny Trejo has clearly demonstrated his superhero powers. (Rgl)

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