Saturday , October 1 2022

Deltaseldor continues to offer pilot flights – 20 minutes


Florida (USA) car dealer Chris Guarsky threatened to crash into the Delta Sailplane flight in the interlink because it was not protected by the pilot. In YouTube video, he protects the pilot: "Pilot has done everything to save me. He caught my belt and flew with one hand."

Tundam Pilot with Swiss certification still offers 235 franc flights on its website. Passengers expect high-flying flying "unforgettable experience" in the sky.

«Immediately withdraw Brevto»

According to Deltselder's partner, the unfortunate pilot licensed only one year ago and offered flights with passengers even after the event. It was fortunate luck that nothing had happened with the Americans: "Generally, such a mistake is fatal." She wonders whether the timing pilot has also got her breast in her flying skills. She wants: "After this incident, it should immediately be deprived of her hometown." Another Delta Navigator in this area calls the aviator "nice guy".

Peter Newenchender, Triple Delftgug's Swiss champion and Delta Flying School's operator, shocked when he saw the video. "You will now have to pass through the books to make sure you have to pass through the bookies now." Passenger inspection is the first list of checklist that every Delta Pilot needs to follow.

The Hong Kong Federation wants to work

According to Bernhard Herman, who ran Delta Sales in Interlaken for 17 years, Sandro K. Since then, the lawyer has taken. Further, to follow the approvals, but not yet convenient.

Delta Delta Tandem pilot licenses are given by the Swiss Hang Gliding Association. According to President Christian Boppart, he could not withdraw the Braves. This is the responsibility of the Civil Aviation Federal Office (Bazl). Boppart: "We'll talk to an affected trainer pilot and then decide how to proceed. It is a fundamental mistake that can be fatal.»

According to spokesman Urs Holderger, Bajaj is aware of today's incident. The Federal Office will clarify the facts and investigate whether the pilot's accident report is available. "In these situations, Basal starts the administrative process and deprives the license pilot."

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