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Diabetes Diseases: Minds also suffer


Diabetes often suffers from the burden of disease

Seven lakh people in Germany suffer from diabetes. For many people in the affected area, this disease is such a burden that their quality of life has drastically reduced. These patients are at risk of developing depression. Therefore, victims should seek medical advice.

No longer requires attention

About 7.6 million Germans are diabetic. Although a large number of patients with diabetes can be well controlled without medication, many take drugs or insulin injecting, measuring blood sugar and paying attention to their diet. Attention to life that is essential due to the long-standing needs of the people, is often considered a burden, which limits the quality of life. Therefore, diabetes is particularly at risk of developing depression. Therefore patients are advised to seek medical advice.

Many diabetics should take medicines of their whole life or inject insulin, measure blood sugar and beware of their diet. Due to the need for continuous care, most people affected by it as a heavy burden experience it. (Image: Printmaps /

In diabetes, depression is twice the same

Dark and gloomy autumn days are in the minds of many people. However, depression can also be a cause of depression among people with chronic conditions like diabetes.

This is especially evident when symptoms like suffering, loss of interest and implications not only last few weeks but also last for weeks or months.

12% of people with diabetes suffer from clinical depression, according to a statement from the German Diabetes-Aid Diabetes – Non-Profit Organization.

Another 18% is cumbersome by depressive moods.

"In people with diabetes, depression is twice the rate of metabolic health," said psychologist Dr. Mad states. Phil. Barthold Mair from Megeneheim, a diabetic center in Bed Magentime.

"To ensure that good metabolism needs great discipline and inspiration, diabetic patients have to demonstrate every day during their life. Experts say that these pressures can be very stressful in the long run.

Strain and social environment in other areas of life also affects the fact that this disease is considered to be rational.

As a result, depression can develop.

Get medical advice

According to psychologist, depression is expressed in a very different way.

"In addition to deep depression, courage and frustrating victims often suffer from anxiety, sleep disorders, or physical pain."

Therefore, it is important to identify and treat both early depression and early onset of depression.

Over time, mental illnesses can be easily cured, Mayer asserted: "Antidepressants, behavioral remedies, or both combine."

Psychotherapy can accept patients better their condition and improve the quality of life and Diabetes Diagnosis.

But many victims have difficulty solving this issue openly. Mayer advises patients with diabetes to not be severely depressed, but to talk to them about their family doctor or diabetologist. (AD)

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