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Discount drugs: Only 20 percent is prepaid

Only one out of five discounts from an overpayment is exempt from medication.

For many prescription drugs, a surcharge is pending.

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Wed 31. July 2019

Only discount drugs are exempt, in whole or in part, from the legal co-payment. A year ago, every fourth discount was free of charge. This is illustrated by the current calculations by the German Pharmacists Association (DAV).


Accordingly, as of August 1, 2019, only 4,915 of the 23,484 discount drugs (20.9 percent) were complete or partial. Will be exempt from legal co-payment. As of August 1, 2018, there were still 5,652 of 22,999 drugs (24.6 percent). Each legal health insurance company has the right to waive half or all legal extra payments of five to ten euros if a discount contract is made with a pharmaceutical manufacturer. Pharmacy is theoretically bound to replace a clinically prescribed drug for the insured's health insurance discount drug.

"Health insurance always writes new concession contracts to replace the old, and thus saves more money," says Berend Groenewald, a patient representative of the German Pharmacists Association (DAV), so more and more exemptions from cash manufacturers on the one hand. On the other hand, the co-payment of insurance increases. "Groenewald believes that it would make more sense for patients to spend more of their co-payment to increase their acceptance of changing supplements, which would improve their compliance." It will be easier and health insurance companies have at least two, better yet three products to avoid the delivery hurdles. With dako should complete their discount agreement. "

Anyone who wants to know if it's a prescription drug – can get information from in a list of unpaid drugs, regardless of discount drugs or non-payment.


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