Saturday , January 16 2021

Ducati Bose Domenici announced an electric motorcycle

Any person who searches for electric drives in the current Ducati range will stand on mountain bike with electric motor (Ducati MIG RR), which was introduced in EICMA 2018 Soon, this search could give more results.

Bologna University students begin with e-series with Ducati support.

The first obscure signs

Ducati Bose Claudio Domeniciiei has said at the Massestudent event organized by the University of Bologna University in Aragon, Spain that the future is electric and not far away from the production of the Ducati Electric model. The third place in the university team, supported by the Ducati Foundation, was celebrated in the electric section of the Motorostant series. In early 2017, Ducati's CEO, Western Europe, Edouard Lott announced that Ducati is working on electric motorcycles and electric scooters. At that time Ducati did not talk about the start of production until 2021.

Which model will come and especially when, after creating the domain, there is no further information. References to the Italian motorcycle motorcycle have been many times. In Thailand there was a test drive of the dominoile test drive transformed with zero-electric motor hyprometrade or the Ducati Zero Design Concept of 2017, the Milan Polytechnic School of Design, which was created with the help of Ducati.

Ducati Zero is the master thesis of two students.

Help from parent company

The Italian company can get the original company from Volkswagen with the support for the subject of electric drive. Both VWW and Audi are currently working extensively to obtain numerous electric-powered models on the road. At VW, there is already e-golf and e-up, before the launch of Odi market, the SUV is Etron. In addition, the group currently heavily invested in its own battery cell production.

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