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Electric cars must be louder – Switzerland: standard


Road noise and electric car drivers were happy for further development of peace. But since there are always pedestrian accidents, electric cars must be louder again.

This is what the world's legislators want. In the EU, a regulation comes into force in July 2019, which requires an acoustic warning device. Switzerland joins, as reported by NZZ am Sonntag. Accordingly, Switzerland accepts EU requirements, the Federal Road Administration (Astra) deals with enforcement.

The law is introduced in the EU. First, the new electric cars must be equipped with AVAS. The abbreviation is Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System. It gives an artificial driving tone at a speed of 20 km / h.

From the summer of 2020, the system will be compulsory for all newly introduced electric cars and hybrids and fuel cell vehicles.

More accidents with electric cars

Achieving greater noise is a success for the visually impaired. According to NHTSA, electric vehicles account for 37% more pedestrian accidents than conventional cars.

The EU regulation is the result of years of pressure from the world blinds and the European Blind Union, which reported at the beginning of the "mirror".

The Swiss Alliance is also convinced by Blind and Visually Impaired (SBV) that noise-free cars cause more accidents on average. "It is vital for us to introduce the system," said the spokeswoman for "NZZ am Sonntag".

Studies confirm this, although accidents involving visual impairment are not included in the statistics. "The numbers make it clear that noisy cars pose a significant security risk."

Contradictory numbers

The blind body wants to go further. Switzerland has to do more than take over EU guidelines, the spokesman said. It would, therefore, be appreciated if the cars still make noise, for example, stopped or started.

– Because our ears are our eyes. If we no longer hear vehicles, this greatly limits our freedom of movement, "he told the newspaper. In addition, unclear electric vehicles pose a threat to children and the elderly.

The numbers are controversial. At the end of 2017 only 15,000 electric cars and 67,000 hybrids were 4.5 million cars in Switzerland. In the accident statistics, however, these were not particularly noticeable according to Astra.

That's how AVAS sounds. Source: UNECE

This Youtube user tested the acoustic warning system. Video: Slanted / Youtube


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