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Eye color is often responsible for depression in the winter

Research Result: This color increases the risk of winter blues

In autumn and winter, when the days are shorter and then mostly gray and rainy, some people experience the so-called winter depression. A UK researcher now reports that people with certain eye color are more susceptible to this condition.

Dark and cold season leave the trace

Short days, which ensure that it is okay on the road going home in the morning and again, as well as the cold weather passes only at least. Many people develop season-based depression (SAD) in the dark season, which is also known as winter depression or winter or autumn blues. A UK researcher has now reported that the color of the eye is also influencing the disease or not.

According to one study, people with dark eyes are more susceptible to depression in winter than people with light eyes. (Image: Patrick Dexen Becher /

Laughter and sadness

In addition to the classic features of depression, in addition to the classic features of depression, "explaining Foundation Deutsche Depression Aid on the basis of the website," Lack of appetite rather than sleep loss and unusual symptoms like sleep disorders, rather than sleep disturbances and sleep disturbances ".

According to experts, the disease is also known by the depression, nervousness, stress or sad thoughts.

In Germany, about 800,000 people are said to be affected by seasonal effective disorder (SAD).

For some, the situation can be serious and serious, in a post of The Conversion Magazine, a professor of psychology at the South Wales University of the UK.

According to Workman, experts are still uncertain about why the cause is still causing the disease, and some say that it does not exist.

Their own research has shown that the color of the eye is one factor that influences whether someone develops SAD.

Experts disagree with the reasons

According to his statement, some experts believe that the so-called winters' blues starts in low-light radiation in the cooler months.

This suggests that shadow should be more common in the next countries than the equator (such as Iceland). However, numerous studies have not supported this theory.

The second principle is that SAD occurs when our circadian rhythm stops because the days are shorter.

And another explanation is based on the fact that this is due to serotonin and melatonin imbalance in the body.

According to Workman, all of these principles are incompatible and sometimes contradictory.

However, due to the combination of many biological and physical factors, probably due to SAD, these different agendas can be combined due to winter depression.

People with light or blue eyes are less impressed

Through his entry, workers and co-workers have found evidence that the person's eye color is directly stored in CDD. It can affect how dangerous a person affects.

For the research published in the journal "Journal of Behavioral Science and Psychology", researchers have 175 students from two universities (one in South Wales, one in South Wales, another in Cyprus) in terms of mood, weight, hunger, sleep, and hot social activity. And the cold season

They found that light or blue-eyed subjects display significantly worse than people with dark or blue eyes in questionnaire for evaluating seasonal patterns.

These results are consistent with previous research, which was darker or darker-eyed than the people with blue-eyed eyes.

According to the scientist, eye color makes people depressed or mood swing more susceptible, probably the amount of light that a person can handle.

Bright eyes with small-colored pigments are enough for light to process images, and mood-regulating hormones are enough to produce serotonin and melatonin.

Brown eyes need more light for it. However, this winter is winter, so there is an imbalance between melatonin and serotonin, which is reflected in bad mood.

But if people with mild eyes are rarely suffering from depression in winter, even then, according to the worker, there is no immune system against them.

Active against winter blues

Those who are influenced by health blues should not be involved in the opinion of health experts, but actively do something about it.

According to experts, a lot of movement is particularly beneficial. For example, it is well-known that regular endurance training has antidepressant effect.

If it is too high, you should go for a minimum walk, and instead of going by bus or car, go to work by bike and get some fresh air.

More Tips for Winter Depression or Home Remedy: Carefully concentrate on consuming enough fluids. In addition to game and light, water helps reduce fatigue and lack of motivation.

Foods play an important role in how people feel fit or tired. Local vegetables such as pills and coaches can help you stay fit in the winter. Generally, the diet should not contain too much fat.

In addition, alternative rainfall is recommended to promote circulation. (AD)

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