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Federer: Beating Nishikori


"Roger, come on!" At the beginning of the second set, Swiss fan of the second academy, Kevin Nishori, was ready for the fans. "He's trying!", Cried out loud and heard another big noise. Yes, Roger Federer Tried. But that did not work.

ATP First appearance in the final, Basel fought for himself and his own in his first games. Unlike the Swiss Indoor Tournament, it has been upgrading itself through the first few games. He is the 10 best player in Nishikori. This time, she lost this time, and lost by 6: 7 (4: 7), 3: 6.

Check soon, respond

The good thing about the ATP finale is that you will be defeated in the group matches. One, but more. Federer played only for the fourth time in the 16th season and only semifinals (2008). Check it out, look forward to respond, now slogan, he said.
At the press conference, he went straight to the press to leave as soon as possible behind Nishikori's mind. He did not think well, but did not go there. "You have not seen a first round," he said. "We had problems with the first two sets, I had my chances but they were not used, and ten minutes later.

Federer won the first round 6: 5. Federer won the first two points to win Nishikoris. Federer found "wander balls" to play for Japanese. The final tiebreak was 4: 6.

After all, the second round was soon launched. However, Nicki Khor has found himself basically in his match, and Federer fought harder. Nishikari retained the position 1: 1. Another emergency service is 4: 2. It was the first time since 1997 that Japan had beaten Federer.

Great difficulty when coming back

His frustration was the beginning of his training. During the week, he had a difficult week in particular before returning. The hopes of being able to perform well in the competition were also damaged. Nishikari was not forced to scare, but made a big comeback in the Federer field.
Dominique, who suffered a humiliating defeat, will not be allowed to miss him on Tuesday. The semi-finals did not reach any of the first two matches at the ATP final. He lost fifth place in the seventh match of the series against Kevin Anderson (3: 6, 6: 7). But the Australian men need a substantial increase in the shape of a sand carved body. (Editors and thermodynamics)

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