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Flying: Basel-Manchester and Catania-Zurich are unpopular

These two Swiss airlines are the most inexperienced in Europe

Approximately two-thirds of Basel flights do not reach Manchester at the scheduled time. This is one of the 20 connections in Europe which is the longest lag. The Swiss connection is worse.

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Flight Basel By Manchester In Europe it has moved to the Top 20. There is no reason for this fun only. As a specialist portal "TravelNews" writes, between January and mid-October 2018, 62% of cases were delayed. Therefore, about two-thirds of all flights do not reach English Metropolis at the scheduled time.

A simple-jet machine at Eurozoneport in Basel Picture: Keystone

"TravelNews" refers to an Air Passenger Rights portal, "AirHelp" evaluation. The flight from Basel to Manchester is 20th in Europe. The first three places have connections Mikonos London Gatwick. Lisbon-Rome Ciampino And Lisbon-Brussels South / CharlieiAll the flights in the portal more than 15 minutes late or canceled were calculated.

Easy Detected

The reason for the delay in ejacet is on the demand of seed controls in air traffic control. This route, like the others, is one of the hottest parts of European airspace. Otherwise, EasyJet was more frequent: By the time of 2018 their airplanes would reach the destination, writes the airline.

According to the report, British and Irish airports are often the most affected by lingering airlines. 25 of the 50 listed flights land on the islands and take land.

Switzerland appears only twice in the ranking. There was more delay than the line from Basel to Manchester Catania ZurichAirman is 65 percent late. The attachment is now in twelfth place. (

Cloud shortage skills become a problem

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