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Formula 3: Sophia Flushch Macau Accident breaks the Sushubb


The pictures of the race car, traveling around 250 km per hour, guard passages and garden rails pass through several meters. Heavy rain is on Sunday morning. Florest was intriguing and approachable after the catastrophic loss of world championship.

Junior razor suffered a massive disease. McAvail General Hospital Condé S. The organizers informed the inquiry conducted by the chief physician of Juventari.

She knew her condition was stable. Flore's father said that the daughter did not have a stroke and that he could move all things. Floresch is talking about harshness.

Shortly afterward, the 17-year-old comrade became volunteered via Twitter: she wrote on Sunday afternoon. 17-year-old Men Chn Rin announced on Monday that he will work.

Videos showing videos of Sofia Flosses are crashing

Security fence continued for more than an hour after repairs.

Florek, another pilot, two photographers, and a Marshall were brought to the hospital. Information about possible injuries and details was not originally made.

Daniel Ertak, a 19-year-old, also won

"I hope everybody is right," said Mick Schumacher. The lead was 19th in the 19th European Formula 3 championship. It gained fifth in Italian romantic motorsport.

Daniel Ertak, a 19-year-old, also won. Schumacher failed in the European Championships category.

Physical events are a threat to the flourish and a minor problem in sports. Munich's daughter, who is 18 years old on December 1, is heading to Formula 3 at the end of this year. It was to contest for the Dutch Van Amersfour team in Sandwich. She has been the first woman in the paddock two times in the formula where she has strong performance recommendation in Formula 4.

The first German to contest the Grand Prix of Macau. Florence was ranked 20th among 28 participants from 14 countries for qualifying. She was in the age of 19 in terms of qualification. It is fifteenth in the Florida tragedy of the fourth round.

Floresk jumped out while traveling through his car

First, the cause of the accident was not clear. In the front of the Lisboa curve lost control of the floored cars.

Floorsk car drives a safe fence. Many meters have disappeared. Then the car went down. Her team and the organizers assured her of consciousness and reaction after the accident.

Continued drivers did not take part in a dysfunctional exam about the risky trends. Victor Tiketam asked whether he liked the class and said Sunday, "It's rhetorical, I'm in love with you for the first time."

Mick Schumacher is one of the most favorite race tracks of most pilots, including a dangerous city circuit. The motorcycle Grand Prix is ​​criticized. Last year, the pilot was killed.

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