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From Freak france: conspiracy


# Metoo era is the perfect moment for the return of Lisbat Salander. "A girl harassing women hurts women." Steeg Larsson's "Millennium Trilogy" was a conspiracy in Fet Albarre's new action film of Lisbon. From Friday to cinema

The novel by Lisbeth Salander and the books by Steve Larson and three Swedish movies produced by Noemi Rapappes and Rooney Maas, and David Fincher ("blind life" 2011) are the women who target bad men. The bisexual woman with the famous dragon tatt is always a group of paradoxes in real life. The mainstream of the film is very short: is damaged but strong; In many of the exciting ways intellectually, it does not seem to disappear when it comes to human relationships.

But Hollywood's superhero machines can not be saved even so hard as Lisbeth Salander. Therefore, their features in this sequel are buried in a more multiplex-friendly expression, based on David Lajarants' fourth millennium book. Faye Alvarez (Do not Breathty) was created for action-comic adventure by Claire Foy (Clair Foy, who is known for the networking series "The Crown"), directed by Steven Knight and Jane Basu.

Lisbeth is wearing a kusuki mask like a superheroo mask, bat girl, bat guide, and race masks like her motorcycle at night. When she saved a woman falling in the bloodshed of her husband, she started a cold start. Lisbon is like an angel who does not take vengeance. She carries her husband on a laso and hangs him off the ceiling. In the meantime, his bank account of his wife has also been deprived of two of his deceived prostitutes. A stun gun was injured.

Immediately, a previous phone call by Stephen Merchant, a former NSA employee was handed over to her. One computer program has developed all the nuclear weapons in the world. Now he is concerned that the US is abusing such authority and will move Lisbon to remove her from the NSA database. Lisbon has no problem, as well as other specialists who demand this program: the NSA agent has been pushed through his fingers (Lady Stanfield); In the Swedish Secret Service (Sinnow MacDoy Land); A few arms merchants are known as "rides". Lisieb's sister Camilla (Sylvia Hoxes) is a group of people.

In some ways this Lisbon does not look like a person we know. There seems to be much interaction between firefighters in a debate on sexual violence, as it is now more massive and is a film produced by US industry and culture. The novel was based on Steeg Larson (criticized by Larson's partner Eva Gabrieleson's Lazar's book "Cover Thief"), written by Lagergegants.

European actors like Clebang ("The Square") and Wiki Kiribus ("Silk Thread") can not do much of their roles. Severiar Goodman's ("Borg / Macreno"), a journalist Michael Blomquist, is not available, but his character is not so boring. It works by US actor Late Stanfield.

Though still in the Hollywood movie, this girl is still excited. But she was forced to wear super heroine and she was weary.

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