Tuesday , August 3 2021

Go under Pokémon Let's Test: a nightmare for fans of original sports

Hate of Hardcore gamers

Will run Pokemon Professor sent it, you get a smartphone game as a prize – sweets. This can be your own Pokemon Their condition is fed to improve the effects on a permanent basis. for you Starter pokemon There is also a special candy that maximizes all the position values.

For Hardcore gamers Those borders on condemnation There is a jogging and optimization of status values ​​and person attacks in the fight against human players Pokemon Essential to succeed Increasing the desired values ​​with candy is believed by some Gamers "Built In Cheats"- There is a multiplayer aspect for them Pokemon Let's die with it.

It's also easy

But this does not end the level of difficulty: Poke-games You were only six Pokemon At the same time Do you want others against this? Pokemon You had to exchange in one Pokemon CenterThat exist only in cities

Computer Gives access. In the switch game, you just open Pokemon Box In the inventory – basically you always have all the inmates Pokemon Instead of just six teams.

Still heavy? Then co-op mode helps. Second Shake Joy-conYou can play as a couple at the same time. Player takes control over walking the forest world. The second player only runs on the current image, but it is enough to show the main player: "stand here". In Coach you will fight in two co-op mode Pokemon The main player at the same time against the same opponent, which of course makes it easy. And catch both players at the same time Pokéball, It connects itself to a particularly strong ball, where the opportunity is greater Pokemon Caught

All of them are there Pokemon Let's go easier than the original games. If you do not work hard on the condition of old games and their mechanics, it's positive. Frustration and long days are you already suffering in youth: no reason to repeat it as adults. Daily work tiresome, because it can be in it Pokemon World Be a little easier

After all, is there Nintendo A little thought for professionals. After completing the story, Master Coach appears in the world. This must be in 1 vs. 1 Pokemon War Beat – with the same PokemonSo Master Trainer is one Gyarados, You need your one. The level of Master Trainer Pokemon Between 65 and 80.

However no Endgame content But the game is very late in the chance crop Pokemon Switching from a smartphone game to game transfer. However, one should remember that swap back is not possible. Clever Pokemon So disappear from Pokemon GO Collection,

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