Thursday , January 21 2021

Hardship clause comes into play – "Foreigners can now see what they are nourishing" – News


The federal court is in reference to the country reference. Correct and important decision for a statutory lawyer Marcus Müller.

After the implementation of the Deportation Initiative, the State Referral is a criminal law. The crime of the country is fairly clear for crimes against foreigners. Even in the tough toughness verse in implementation, cases of difficulties are also taken into consideration.

It stays in the field of tension between maintaining a strictly inappropriate and proportionally consistent theory of constitution. Today, the federal court has applied the first section of the problem.

That's why the Federal Court saw "Hardship Case"

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The special case is about a Spaniard born in the fence and was born. They maintain a close relationship with their two children and are not professionally integrated, but are mostly financially at their own feet.

He was sentenced to 12 months in prison for robbery and violation of the Arms and Narcotics Act. Vadoai Nayyas had also identified him for five years in the country.

The federal court has now granted their complaint, as far as the context of the country is concerned. The decisive crime was: Spaniard acted as a mediator only, while he ran the car in a robbery only. He did not use force.

Marcus Muller, a professor of constitutional and executive law at Bern University, says that for the first time after the strictness of the transaction, the federal Supreme Court has set a case for difficulties, has given clear guidelines. "Foreigners can now find out what they can spend – and what not."

What is "related"?

According to the Troubleshooting Article, it is essential to take into account the situation by those born and raised in Switzerland. The same is called a criminal code. Muller says that with this verse, the proportionality principle established in the Constitution is considered: "In my opinion, this is a meta-principle that follows our legal system."

The lawyer states that the unequal decision was uncommunicable and possibly the acceptance of the population. And the proportion of proportionality is nothing but the balance between the individual's personal situation and public safety interest.

Difficulty cases should be an exception

Mueller says that in the case of Spaniard, it was expanded, Muller says: "All aspects of constellation were carefully evaluated and weighed against each other." In order to restrict only the national referral, concerns of the removal initiative were taken into consideration.

So the case of troubles in the future should continue as an exception. Because the expulsion initiative is usually a strict practice after implementation.

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