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IFA 2019 – Onkyo, Pioneer and Teach present the latest trends and products

Home theater

If you want to know about the latest trends and products in the areas of hi-fi, headphones and home theater for IFA 2019 (September 6-11 in Berlin), you should not miss Hall 7.2b. Here at Akipa Gear Jupiter, business fair visitors will gain a broad understanding of current and future-oriented hi-fi and home entertainment technologies – multiroom, iMax Advanced, true wireless, streaming, hi-res audio deo or vinyl. In particular, leading brands will be represented by Pioneer, KYK and TEAC:

Ky Nikko's attention to detail at this year's IFA is proving that widely-equipped consumer electronics can be very affordable. This year's booth also highlights Japanese Hi-Fi and AV blacksmith's i Diofile origin: In a separate "home theater" embedded in the Zen garden, visitors can, among other things, immerse themselves in the real IMAX sound and visual experience. Experience the techniques with your own eyes and ears.

Pioneers are presenting themselves this year with a particularly extensive portfolio of sophisticated, urban target groups. Pioneer products combine the highest level of entertainment and music fun with trend-setting functionality for a hip lifestyle – whether headphones, multiroom systems, high-end stereo or home theater.

The Teach is both retro and sophisticated – and not just when it comes to extraordinary appeal in design. Record enthusiasts will find their money here as well as streaming fans.

  • Ky Nikko and Pioneer show home cinema and speaker systems for every app and every live environment – including new high-end models for high demands. For example, at IFA in 2019, both brands will be introducing their long-anticipated 11.2-channel network AV receivers with outstanding output and advanced technology equipment for the first time.
  • Pioneer completes its full range of headphones for home or on-the-go with new on- and in-ear models. Hi-res Audio Dio, Noise Canceling, Voice Assistant, Really Wireless, Foldable or Waterproof – The latest models of the "Scene Style", "Chic Even Launch and Compact" and "Energetic" series make new sounds on the way or games. And design accents.
  • Visitors to the high-end stereo experience with Onkyo and Pioneer's premium segment's new SACD players and 2-channel amplifiers – among others, sound-lovers can look forward to the new CD / SACD player with the support of CD-MQA. , First World.
  • Celebrate vinyl regeneration with different turntables in various device options and designs – whether belts or direct drives, USB output and / or Bluetooth, classic or crunchy colors. If you already know the Teach Portfolio well, you'll be looking forward to a few new model deals. Long-recognized music cassette lovers aren't too short …
  • Future-oriented and at the same time retro is the new Hi-Fi component systems of the Tic, which i Deophile music lovers will especially appreciate due to their compact size, outstanding sound and sophisticated-nostalgic design.

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