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"It's a Mom to Enjoy" – Switzerland won after Switzerland's victory against Belgium 5: 2


Swiss play against Belgium is in excessive drunkenness. After losing 0: 2 they lost to the world number one 5: 2. Three-time meeting with Harris Serfovi, who is leading in front.

Christian Braggger, Lucerne

Harris Seferevich, Steven Sueber, Denise Zuckaria and Grant Shacka. (Picture: Urs Lint / New Face)

Harris Seferevich, Steven Sueber, Denise Zuckaria and Grant Shacka. (Picture: Urs Lint / New Face)

Harris Seferovik (Swiss Triple Go)

"It's a moment to enjoy, we've got to sleep first, and we're all really good enough to have some time to hit the hits, we've confirmed what kind of teams we have, and what qualities do we have?"

Night of a football. What does the "business lunch" say about the week before Qatar? Together with Belgium, Swiss fulfills their promises and fails. How do they defeat him?

If England want to host Portugal in the Nation League final next year, they know that they will defeat the Belgians. But 66 seconds later, their best player was outdated, and they moved to their coach Vladimir Petkovic in the world number one. Instead of respect, it has been fulfilled – it should already be called: attention is completed – out. At the semi-finals of Niko Lloyd, Glasgow and fellow soccer defender Torgan Hessard snatched the ball against Dem Klaus and many other problems. This cleanses the clubback club colleague Yan Somar. Swiss is trying to rebuild soon, but it will not succeed. In contrast, it is allowed to succeed, and the same danger is 2: 0. Now Switzerland has scored at least four goals and does not have much money in the last four games of the National League.

Ricardo Rodríguez in penalty against Tibout Cortois as Belgian Champion (Picture: Toto Marty / Blake / New Face (Lusen, 18 November 2018)

Ricardo Rodriguez is a penalty that Tibout Cortes has won as a Belgian player.
(Image: Totti Marty / Blake / New Face (Lusen, 18 November 2018))

But now comes the unbelieve. It is miraculously carried out by Belgian cats and cats, that swims quickly. In the 26th minute, Ricardo Rodriguez was fined by Kevin Moabu of football. Connectivity hit Delilvand, Petkovic moves to the triple chain that is checked right away, and already plays card games. Swiss audiences, the Belgians do not know how it will happen. Four minutes later, Harris Zephorovich moved from Xherdan Shaqiri to 2: 2. This is possible because SeperiVik Luzenet has a home game game. After striking Edmilson Fernandes a striker, the striker switches to Switzerland. 3: 2, Switzerland's strong response to this colossus of the World Football.

The question is how to operate from now on. For the fourth goal? Or was it finally reached a long-term victory for a big lap? You can see that Switzerland wants more after a few minutes. Before the targeting, Sefirovik failed, and the servers were left with a hand in the government. In the 62rd minute it was time: Elway headed out after 4: 2 after Shakiri cross. 4: 2!

Switzerland in the Final Four after a mad turkey

Swiss gathers in a community for one minute

What does Eden Hazard and coma do? Little. If not, there are two long shots in the summer, and then he rescues. In 84th minute Seforovic was unlikely to be a Swiss player with a score of 5: 2. 15,000 people are out of the house. Belgium lost five goals. It is the victory of fellowship, because they are incredibly incredible. That too Petkovic. How did Shakhri foretell "You do not have to worry." He was right.

National coach Vladimir Petrocov:

Three days ago (0-1 match against Qatar) is excellent. Great commendation for the team. After 0: 2, we continued the game. I am proud of these friends. Although it was a little difficult after 0: 2,

Nations League

League A Group 2. Last matches: Switzerland – Belgium 5: 2. – Ranking: 1. Switzerland 4/9 (14: 5, in final tournament). 2. Belgium 4/9 (9: 6). Iceland 4/0 (remnant).

Switzerland – Belgium 5: 2 (3: 2)

Lucerne. – 15,000 viewers (sell). – SR Arsanto (ITA).

Goals: Second Torgan Hazard 0: 1. 17. Torgone Hazard 0: 2. 26. Rodriguez (Fowl penalty) 1: 2. 31. Sefiobiov (Shakhari) 2: 2. 44. Seferovik (Edmilsson Fernandes) 3: 2. 62 Elveani (Shakhari) 4: 2. 84. Sefarovic (embah) 5: 2.

Switzerland: summer; Embabu, Elwayi, Claus, Rodriguez; Branch, Fruir (79th Zakaria); Edmilson Fernandes, Shakri, Subair (87th Benito); Separovic (92, unusual).

Belgium: Cortez; AlderWareld, Component, Boyat; Menieri (90th Origin), Tommy's, Witzel, Chadley (65th Badshay); Thorgan Hazard, Mertens, Eden Hazard.

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