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Kia E. Soul: New Crossover, especially in Europe, comes as an e-car

Kia e-Seoul 2020. (Photo: Kia)

Kia has released a new version of her soul. Crossover Kia E-Sol is available exclusively as a Stormer in the first half of 2019 on the European market.

In addition to Audi, South Korean car manufacturer Kia has announced the new electric car model. The third generation Kia E-Sol comes in a new design, which has a large battery and more power.

Kiya e-Seoul 2020: Large battery, more power

The new version of E-Soul is partly slightly educated, but it's true for its box-shaped basic architecture. Color design has been supplemented by the manufacturer through a new design and a two-color finish. As a precursor, the charging port with the Standard Combined Charging System (CCS) is included in the front of the Radiator Grille.

Kia e-Sol 2020. (Photo: Obs / Kia Motors Deutschland GmbH)
Kia e-Seoul 2020. (Photo: Obs / Kia Motors Germany)

In terms of performance, Kia brings e-sol to 150 kilowatt (204 hp) – In the preceding model there were only 81 kilowatts, 2020 high torque waiting for sol. It was raised from 285 to 395 Newton meters. The rated output of lithium-ion polymer batteries increases significantly from 30 to 64 kilowatt hours. Kia is still silent to reach, while E-car portal Electrac has estimated that EPA is 200 miles after the bicycle, which is equivalent to 320 kilometers. E-Soul has the same battery-engine combo, which is also in Hyundai Kona, by which it produces 2585 miles, which is 415 kilometers.

Kia e-Seoul 2020. (Photo: Kia)

Kia E-Sol 2020: Electric Crossover with the Eva of the new telematics system

Interior of Kiya e-Seoul 2020 (Photo: Kia)
Interior of Kiya e-Seoul 2020 (Photo: Kia)

E-Soul also has a four stage, resuscitated braking system, which can be controlled by a rocker switch on the driver's steering wheel. There is a setting Break and Hold, With which E-Soul only accelerates the state by reclamation. In addition, Kia says that intelligent driving system "should be based on earlier traffic and to make the braking process maximum energy-efficient".

In the new E-Soul Kiana cockpit, the gear selector is set to rotary switch ("Shift by wire"). The infotainment system is powered by a 10.25-inch touchscreen – it has smartphone support, Bluetooth and voice recognition. Other features of E-Soul include the youth telematics system, which is used for the first time in Europe, to control vehicular operations. According to Kia, among other things, Yuova provides real-time information about charging stations and should provide a chance of charging program. In addition, Kia writes in the emergency "Reporting services to rescue services and broadcasting GPS data of the vehicle, warning the server".

Kia e-Seoul 2020. (Photo: Kia)

According to Kia, new straws will be manufactured in Guangzhou, Korea and will be launched in Europe during the first half of 2019. The company has not given any value yet. Due to the large battery, predecessor only starts at 30,000 Euros, the new e-sol may be significantly more expensive. Hyundai's Electric Electro model costs nearly 40,000 Euros less than driving.

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