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"Know your status" – Not only World AIDS Day 2018


"Know your status" – Not only World AIDS Day 2018

Saturday, December 1st, World is AIDS Day – the best time to test for free in links.

In Austria, at least one new HIV diagnosis is done daily. For many years already, this positive number of initial HIV tests is at the same level. According to Aidishil, 510 new HIV positive diagnoses were reported in 2017.

At present there are about 1,600 people living with HIV in Austria. "Everyone should know the status of HIV in order to start therapy in the event of HIV infection." Getting treatment as soon as possible improves life and expectancy of life. "Additionally, people who receive an effective HIV effect will not be able to cure HIV. Adicelyph is called Eric Pfeifferkorn of Upper Austria.

Check for free

On Saturday, December 1, on World AIDS Day, forty-nine interested in the Linzer Club, (Schillerstraße 49) HIV and syphilis can be tested for free from 21 clocks. On Monday, December 3, Adialsh Oberurstich hosts a conference with experts and stakeholders beginning at 9:15 am in the New Town hall of Linz.

Despite the progress of fighting against HIV, 25% of the world's people do not know that they are HIV positive. According to a recent report by the United Nations UNAIDS Program, about 9 4 million people on the planet last year were HIV-positive. Was living with the virus. In 2015, however, the share was still 33 percent.

In Germany, according to 13% calculations by the Robert Coach Institute, which is HIV. There is no concept of infection with the virus. In Austria, the situation is likely to be similar. According to this, the condition of West and Central Africa is particularly problematic: Although only six percent of the population lived in the global population, about one-third of 9.4 million people were infected with HIV. Estimates are obtained by modeling data by UNAIDS.

Moreover, more than half of the HIV infected people worldwide are not infected with the virus, the report said. This can be the reason because the patient is not being treated or the treatment has not succeeded. Thus, if HIV is not properly pressed, then the patient can spread the virus. (Bar)

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