Monday , March 1 2021

Mecca 2018 GT World Cup: Performance qualifies for BMW

The key to success was the Augusto Farafas win in the GT World Cup qualifiers 2019. The BMW Driver from Brazil was the first lap captain to benefit from the initial gains. He later became the winner of the 12th round of Guuriya Circuit. Puff founder Rafael Marcelo (Merseyslow), 5.0 seconds behind Marilo Engel (Mercedes) in the previous World Cup in 5.0 seconds, 3.8 seconds.

Farfos' cooperation is only the resumption after a security operation initially. However, longtime DTM drivers were returning to the racing speed, they were strangely trampled on. This is the basis for success.

Porsche and Robin Frigence won the final round of Poe O. Poe in the fifth edition of the tournament. Alexandre Imperatiri was the tenth best place for Nissan.

The finish line is only between 15 and 13 vehicles. The Nissan Grid was stuck in the early stages of Sigio Matsuda's Nissan vehicle. In the first match, Former World Cup winner Lawrence Vanthoor Lisbon came to Karwa. After the quarrel with Montera, Vandoor was crashed and collapsed. His running path was already there.

The main competition of the GT World Cup contest in 2019 is the Macau Gia Circuit. The CTET is on Sunday at 5:25. This will be the longest route this weekend: 18 laps. The full GT world cup from Moto shows Free live stream,

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