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National League: Big move in playoff race

Freiberg Stick returned with a strong look in the fight – Matthias Segar's first pants as assistant coach of the ZSC band are in pants. This is the 38th national league round!

Freiburg – ZSC Lions 7: 2

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Game – His Holsteinstadt return on Saturday (4: 1 against Leng), Arnold del Curto put Zurich in the party mood. The old semester between ZSC fans was felt in the 90's, because Angdan works for the first time for ZSC, which is set back. Fallberg now follows the hangover – and the biggest season defeat. Champion often show up often in this season. It does not fit much together. After the initial 0: 2 deficit, the Dell Curto puts the ZSC Lions in the course with time-out, which makes them short and superior from long distances. But in the middle third, the efficient freebg can easily get people out of Zürich and escape. Club legend Methias Segar (41), who is another assistant to Del Curto behind the bench and is now responsible for defenders, has a lot of specs, which he can now discuss with his former teammate. The game's director Sven Lewenberger said, "He sees that someone does something wrong." ZSC can not be broken by line. For Godreton, however, it is a very important win after two consecutive two-day betrayals. Coach Mark Frank Payments Changes She leaves American Jim Slater out and Jacob brings a microfilier. Lucas Fluor and Kevin Klein disappointingly use unsuccessful conservation in the power play for the Canadian Initial Lead. PS. Del Curto's predecessor Surgeon Aubin ZSC won all three matches against Freiburg.

Doors – 4. Mikfikar (Beteland, Miller / PP) 1: 0. 10. Rossi (Stella) 2: 0. 13. Noray (Small / PP) 2: 1. 21. Bertrand (Miller / PP) 3: 1. 25. Waukler (S Forrar) 4: 1. 32. Jumper (Miller, M. Forer) 5: 1. 40. Süter (gearing) 5: 2. 49. Mikfikar (Dirt) 6: 2. 57. Miller (Marchon) 7 : 2.

Agreement – ZSC Lions has equipped three U20 national strikers with contracts by 2020: Yanik Bruschwyer, Justin Sigourist (GC Singh) and Excel Sigmik (all 19, from Lausanne).

Best – Jacob Michelefier (Freiburg). In its first campaign in 2019, Canadians had a double hit.

Plum – Lucas Flüller (ZSC). Its not a game. After Arno del Corto scored the fifth goal, he replaced it with Nicholas Shellgel.

Umbri – Davos 4: 2

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So Amberi returns to playoff course

Game – After the loss of Rpi Point at the end of the week, HCC in the PlayBot Spot race Returns in front of the track. Grabuden – with six rescuers, including two rescuers (Heinen, Buckley) – are pressed from the beginning. After that, the conservation reinforcement Kundraq Umri-OC Jagar had returned, so Biyakobulu is fast in the lead. Until the goal 1: 3, Grissons has a few significant opportunities. But in Davis (2: 0 lead), before Christmas and the more poorly and the HCD turns closer to the turning point. Helden finishes HCD's hope with two minutes.

Doors – 6. Jugger (Kubalik) 1: 0. 17. Kubalic (Müller) 2: 0. 21. Hofer (PP) 3: 0. 38. Lindgren (pastes) 3: 1. 44. Lyndren (Heinen, Kundrek) 3: 2. 60. (59:22) Novatie (D & Agostini / empty goals) 4: 2.

Scene After the first break, players need to warm up again with 38 hours of rum crevices as referees need uncertainty to make a decision. Hoffer pressed the disc on the line on the HCD Golini Lindback until 3: 0 in the power play. But because you're against Boise, you rarely look at the pictures.

Anniversary – Luca Kerrada (37) can celebrate a small anniversary: ​​She is the 100th time of Amberi Coach in the gang.

Best Cones (Ambree), After his men, let Davasar play.

Plum – Roden (Davos), Zero performance on the game.

Baige – Lugo 3: 5

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Who In! Lugano-Chan uses the free passage

Game – Lugo has been present for weeks. The only stability is uncertain. Ticinus will lose three times in a row, four times in a row. Despite ups and downs, those responsibilities continue to follow coach Greg Ireland. "You feel pulse," says sports director Roland Habitsurringer. "There are teams, inspiration is fair." But sometimes a target is enough. "And the monkey is back." Monkey? The stories with the rear monkey come from North America and are a symbol of bad luck and the burden you are having. And it is again seen in Lugo. For half an hour, TC control has been in control, Lead 3: 0. Biel sleep works. Damien Bruner, who scored five goals in his previous three matches against his former club, lost the first used disc because of 0: 1. Tony Rajala, otherwise a tough Finn, is simply a goal against him but he is unable to control the target. And when the people of the sea eventually produce anything but pass a bad man with a man, They are climbing with laughter number bands. But then Lugo's keeper Elvis Mergelekins bounced Brunner's shot during the same Bealler's superior number. And HCB has narrowed down. Bianconeri immediately pulled his knee again. It's just playing well. Apart from this, the Ireland team makes life difficult with fine themselves. But hanging and ticking Ticino is a victory over Dry and it is up to two points on the line. PS: Bail can work with only three foreigners. Robbie Earl retired after being investigated by Davis Sven Jung, including Job Bruise.

Doors – 1. (0:42) Walker 0: 1. 7. Chorny (Klassen) 0: 2. 30. Laufel (Klassen / PP) 0: 3. 37. Hugley (Brunner / PP) 1: 3. 43. Poollight ( Rajala) 2: 3.
59. Hoffman 2: 4. 60. (5 9:43) Rajala (Pedretti) 3: 4 (alive without keeper). 60. (59:53) MORNEY (LAJIN) 3: 5 (ONLY THE NET).

Mess – After 56 minutes, Lugano Chia accepted two penalty minutes because of a stroke on the Bell circle. Also, Brunner should come out because he allegedly complained of Riffs Wyand and TheTragridge. But Brunner does not sympathize, he suggests that he has not said anything. Eventually, Chris goes to the penalty box. Velvet Ice Pack

Best – Julian Walker (HCL), First goal after 13 games

Plum – Damien Brunner (born), Equal with three goals on the ice

Louzen – Burn 2: 5

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Arcobello introduced the SCB against Louzen

Game – Only 178 seconds and after Zaney Hammer in the crossbar, SCB Goli Jenoni needs to tame the qualifying shot for tenth qualifying shot – and the new Swiss record. He can face, arcobello, who scored the top goals for Season 17 and 18, quickly achieved success in the turnaround. After the SCB Perry storms out, Rufannat has been injured and Archbello's penalties sit for twelve minutes on the bench. But the guests are also far away. Two hits from the third block decide before the second break.

Doors – 3.Genzy (Jeffrey) 1: 0. 9. Arcobalello (Bloom, Moser) 1: 1. 15. Arcobello (Rufhenacht) 1: 2. 34. Yes (Saareo) 1: 3. 38. Cypress (Camerose, Fight) 1: 4. 51. Moser (Ebbet, Archbello / PP) 1: 5. 59. Lindbowham (Freewake / PP) 2: 5.

Sireo – In the first 24 games, he never met for a second time within a week. TCs outplayed the air at a speed of 4: 1.

Victims – Generally, Lausanne's tragedy is Tim Trabeur's offender, now once for the victim. For five minutes it has been tested against the head by SCB-Camerzene (RestauSchluss) and probably suffers from a problem.

Stroke – Louzen is still at 6th position, but after losing points he is already down.

Best – Archbello (Berne). Fourth Double Pack of the Season

Plum – Antonio (Lawson). Three goals in the picture

SCL Tigers – SCRJ Lakers 5: 3

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DiDomenico Double Pack

Tigers defeat the Lakers

Game – Supplement Raphael fits Captain Pascal Berger in the middle of the Quonon, which sinks directly through the inner post. 4: 1 extracted from the egg reflects the phenomenon in this short form until this point. At the same time it is poisoning for Langueu. The Ehlers team is only trail after that, he logically accepted two goals and came back to St Gallen.

Doors – 3. Dudomenico 1: 0. 8. Nelson (SH) 1: 1. 23. Dudomeniko 2: 1. 25. Dostenov 3: 1. 29. P. Berger (Kuoen) 4: 1. 37. Hussler (S. Berger / PP) 4: 2. 44. Wellman 4: 3. 59. Pacon 5: 3.

Shorthander team – At least one rating, at the front of the SCRJ Lakers: Nelson Schröterer (1: 1) is the fourth-ordered season's goal for St. Gallon. After EV train (5), only SCB, Ambre and Lausanne are ranked fourth.

Video -Axay Dostinov is analyzed for a minute by video of 3: 1, as long as it is clear that the disc hits the inner strut.

Play Shock – The tiger shows the weak power play in the opening third: balance of more than six minutes: 0: 1. SCL defender Anthony Hugenin (hence co-fluff) blue line frees Dion Nelson as a Vap Deposit: 1-1 for SCRJ Lakers, 2 for Lang In place of -0.

Best – Dudomenico (SCL). Canadians scored Emmanuel twice

Plum – Rizzello (Lakers). Dodge the disc in the middle zone to the deodemanico.

Train – Server 5: 2

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So apart from EVZ server

Game By the middle of the game, Surveys can thank the press for a lot of hard work. However, they actually receive Central Swiss never reached in the Sweetbox, but EVAZ coaches are very well-arranged under tagging. Because this applies also to the objectionable, the sort must be three times the box office within 105 seconds in the second section. Row (2) and Centrere strain from the game with their goals. Geneva can not compete without regular Tomurnes, Franceson, Martinson and Mercier.

Goals – 1. Vydarstrum (Suri) 1: 0. 3. Cast (Walmi, Wings / pp) 1: 1. 21. Eligibility (Row) 2: 1. 32. Row (Martini / PP) 3: 1. 33. Centrelar 4 : 1. 34. Row (Everberg, Marteschki) 5: 1. 50. Scale (pp) 5: 2.

Swallow – Daniel Rubin reached the referee shortly before the end of the second half: when he passed through Schlump, he allowed himself to fall, then put his hands on his face. However, video images represent it as a (bad) actor. Embarrassing And Skulmf Nixton collects two plus 10 minutes of penalty …

Aeschlimann Stefan Replacement Sandro Asliman again proved his abilities as a temporary number 1 in the third race. Obstacle conclusion: three games, three goals

Best – Elite (EVAS) Notable Deposit, Accepted, Pirate, Backhand Inserted Before 2: 1.

Plum – Viukovic (Geneva). Overloading by speed of enemy attack.

The next games in the National League

Thursday, January 24th

Survey – Ambre

SCRJ Lakers – Friborg

Friday, January 25th

Burn – Bold

Lugo – Lausanne

ZSC Lions – Train

Saturday, January 26th

Umbri – ZSC Lions

Baki – SCRJ Lakers

Freiburg – Burning

SCL Tigers – Survey

Train – Lugo

Sunday, January 27th

Davos – SCL Tigers (15:45)

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