Friday , August 19 2022

Nicknode Switch, Xbox One, PC (included in PM)


Crop play, cross platform game progression is coming soon

The new features are part of season 2, where new content for developers, improved quality, community building and care

Renowned hero shooter Crospep will advance the Cross Platform game soon to take part in the Ellial Mojo Games Halley Reise Expo in Pilotins.

"We want to prevent the game from playing the game between PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch," said Chris Larson, general manager at High-Stage Studios. "As soon as we have the chance of technology, we will be able to offer crosstip for more platforms."

In the future, players will use the content they own and will progress to all platforms. In addition, you can compete against friends and friends, who are playing on any platform.

Crosslip is an important feature of Season 2 focusing on content, quality, and community.

  • Monthly monthly updates with new content
  • A whole story is going on all over the year
  • A community selected players, the Council of Champions (the Champions of Association)
  • A new initiative to improve the quality of "Hunt"
  • The new community requests the new community, such as families, tournaments, and an identification system

Imani, the greatest Champion of the Paladin, probably the greatest Champion of Paladin

Evil Mojo 40th Paladins Champion unveiled: Imani is a wizard who can call a dragon, an example of Avil Mojo's desire to connect more content by telling a future story.

"Imagine is playing a game as a game," says Garat Martini, the designer at the El Mojo game, a magic of the fantasy world of Palat, and she has a giant dragon and it's just so cool. "

Imani, perhaps the greatest champion of the Paladin, was probably the greatest champion of Paladin. This is a risk of disrupting the power of ice and fire, which creates strong letters inspired by martial arts. As she walks through the fire, she will swim in the air. With her power, a strong dragons can be controlled by her planer Brenda and fuel enemies.

Imani is a released character. The beginning of this story was part of the Dragon Colony itself in August. Their story and the beginning of the story will be announced throughout the new season. Every month, a great update will be released for the paadin, the story on it
The game play again and the game world is developing.

Council of Champions – a democratically elected democrat

As part of the new council of champions, the Players' Players played a major role in the development of the season 2. Eva Mojo helps in developing the game, taking into account all platforms of the community, built by democratically elected players.
Representation. A delegation is selected for a year, and is represented by the community at regular intervals, with the participation of themselves or the Partnership Developers. The applications are now possible, details can be found at

The last one, however, improves the quality of the season 2. Under the heading "Hunt", a project was launched to improve the process and improve the overall quality of the game. The Patch 2.01 will be released on December 17th on the General Test Server (PTS), and the Paldives team will give you more time to find and fix alternatives before the final release. EVA Mojo extends its programming and quality assurance (QA) teams, so 20-40% of the troubleshooting and patch cycles are handled properly.

Steam limit for PC players is welcome to welcome new players to the PALDINS and Season 2. The starter pack consists of four Palladence champions, as well as for each of the voice packs a skin. Pallidance Starter Pack is available as a DLC for free. It will be opened automatically by unmanned player PC players between November 16 and December 15.

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