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Nico Muller is innocent of the new turbo engine

In the Audi Test, ESTORIL Nico Muller was one of three Audi factory drivers who were allowed to test the experimental vehicle with a new turbo engine in Portugal. The verdict is clear: The power and sound of new DTM cars are attractive.

Audi R5 5 DTM Test Carrier: Due to the success in the front end, the Audi RTS 5 DTM has been working very strongly from the very beginning to the predecessors.

The Rena Rate and Mike Rockefeller, living in Tugowa, Constance Lake, were able to test the new Audi RTS 5 DTM in Esther. And so on the DMT's turbo period. All three shift to the cockpit of the eyes with shiny eyes.

Swiss was allowed to complete the first of three days' examination on Monday. He convinced his colleagues to give a verdict – which convinces him.

Niko Müller: "The new turbo engine is very attractive and we have a slow speed that we have not seen before in the DTM, and the extra energy is really impressive, the drivers are much higher and the car is really fast when you're on the track, and the sound is very attractive, I do not want to change the old V8 vacuum turbo."

New laws since 2019
It will be used in the Japanese Super GT Championship in 2020 using new class 1 controls. In the case of technology, a new sheet will be launched in DTM 2019. Previous V8 voluntary engines have four cylinders instead of newly designed racing engines and a two-liter display plate turbocharger. It is a good mix of performance and efficiency.

Audi has four metal cylindrical turbos, the most powerful internal combustion engines around the world. DTM Since it is necessary, more is mentioned about the series. The new racing engines generate approximately 600 HP, so if the 100 volume V8 is greater than the vocabulary. RTC acquired Audi RTS 5 DTM's 2019 TFSI engine model.

At the beginning of an interesting era
Aerodynamics is quite novel: regulars, rear wing, angio, front and rear deflectors are reconstructed in the 2019 season. At the same time, technicians have become more compact turbocharged for the engine and its cooling requirements.

Niko Muller Bose, Audi Motorboat Director Deetor Gas, the first positive support of test drives and the single Idea for its drivers.

Dieter Gas: "The first impressions confirm what we want with new DTM cars, they are faster, drive faster, more dynamic and better sound, and the performance of the naked eye improves the load." The DTM is at the start of a magnificent era. "

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