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Nobilbrot, onion beads and molds Wine – Burning News: stadt

Onion Peas, Onion Beads, Molds Wines and Garlic Bread: In Bern, Xibamemite started early in the morning. Thousands of people wandered from the Old Town to buy onions or just to enjoy the typical atmosphere of this traditional event.

On the basis of harvest on Zibelamrite 40 to 60 tons leaks are given. Extra trains from Germany and abroad and more than hundred travel car bring visitors to the burns. Although the market officially starts at six o'clock, the vegetable growers share their onion nests and peas at four o'clock in the morning. This is the happiness of the local people, which can be stored before the large «Gstungg» begins.
In previous years, local and commercial police in Bern City announced on Friday that more than 600 stalls will be approved this Friday. About 200 stalls, onions and other vegetables are sold, for example, sweets, molds, textiles, textiles, jewelry and ceramics are offered to sell.

Crospotting was done for the first time

This year, the local and commercial police have limited stands on one side of the street at Athaus- and Shauplatzgasse, as of 2012, there is a case on Ergargstars and New Engels. This, last year, was called "crowd spotting" for the first time after local and commercial police at Zibilemite, so the crowd analysis.
She has been trained for this activity by a Zurich-based company, which has prepared "crowd management fundamentals" for some major Swiss events, such as the Zurich Street Parade.

Local and commercial police found in the crowd that among the other problems of Amethos- and Shoplatgasasis, their leader Norbert Asseva requested on Friday.

"Live tradition"

Zibelamit always happens on the fourth Monday in November. It is late on the 19th century, when the farmers of Bernes-Friburg began selling their vegetables in Bern – starting on November 9, two weeks after St. Martin's.
Zibelemarit – A blend of fair and folk festival – listed since 2011 on the list of live traditions of Switzerland.

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