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Only mapping can be replaced with SHR Validation – Switzerland: Standard


Swiss television stations Sarf In the future, journalism is rejected. It is meant to show price rise in news articles, "SFF Director Nathalie Wipler said.

"We have created a program that will notify us but do not polarize," said Witherler, the program director of the Central German Broadcasting Corporation in the Hall, in the spring of 2019, and said that RTIi Matter, the director of the program, will be able to reorganize the public service after the vote in Switzerland. Wants to

Only news articles need to be illustrated, and there is no longer any fee. "If we talk to a politician in a post, the journalist will lose confidence if he seems to know him better." Journalists will tear themselves down, and "Stupenraucher equals SVP." The strong Swiss party's political leaders have repeatedly rejected this station.

Ideas for cooperating with individuals

The repairs of public service were not in any way human beings or personal intimacy. The information will not be compromised. "I do not want to divide the future, so you have as many clicks," said the longtime TV editor and the former SRR culture editor. They want research to provide more space.

In the future, the revolutionary announced it privately The media Publishers want to work together. They joined the joint journalist baths and spread across territories. Small editorial offices may tap the experience of SRF. A network of local journalists Created through local media. Access to small editorial offices. So she strengthened local journalism. "Such models are kind of fun for Switzerland.

More series

Skills want to strengthen cultural power, which does not expel any quote. "We do not have to watch our contribution on YouTube over 16 million times, instead I need to find a way to measure the relevance." Cultural appreciation from time to time will be respectful. Culture values, it is essential for a community gathering. In the future, the new director plans to create more sequences like "Wilder".

Since 100% of the 100 million franchises will have to maintain SRG from 2019, the VFL should have 47 jobs. She did not say in interview when she wanted to make a lever. "We have to make decisions that are not enough to everyone." (Roy / sda)

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