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Qualification in Spielberg – Brilliant place for Ferrari: Lecler Poll – Protects Sport



Monagasc Ferrari Driver Austrian GP Runs the fastest lap in Qualifying.

This year, the second time the Bahrain GP Then Charles Leclerc has won the Pol's position in Spielberg, Austria. In qualifying, 21-year-old points out on the full leap of the Q3 series winner Luiz Hamilton (Mercedes) and Max Wersteppen (Red Bull) before the end of 21 years.

However, in the first part of Britain's qualifying session crucially halted Kimi Riccone, after which it was moved to 5th position in 5th position.

Vettel's starting position 9

The next disappointment for Lecce's teammate Sebastian Vettel continues. After Q2, Germany was in the corner of the bay, while Ferrari Mechanics made a viable attempt to counter its car problems.

Kevin Maguesen, who finished qualifying at the 5th position, is still set back by 5 places, Vettel participates in an aggressive contest on Sundays Sunday.

Both the Alfa Romeo drivers in the top 10

Two Pilots of the Hanville Racing Stable got a definite performance. Riqukonen Antonio Giovannazi was eliminated in the 7th position, but Magnussen fined for even Alfa Romeo Riders puts up a position.

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