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Anyone who listens to the Grammaton conversation is easy to think about dealing with an environment volunteer. "We need to make radical changes," says 58-year-old. "We're looking forward, these changes need to be further expanded so that we can do everything right." What does Nature mean? He is fighting to stop climate change – anyway.

Mcstern wants to brutally control, and wants to ease 100 euros per liter of production, appropriate oil production and auto industry, and internal combustion engines. Compensation workers and shareholders will be compensated to pay compensation. The central bank will pay the required capital, which will not be a big issue. "Money does not really exist, there are just numbers on the computer," he says. Finally, after the financial crisis of 2007 and 2008, trillions of dollars and euros have been created to protect the banking system.

"I'm not chaining the tree, nude bicycles with bicycle or like vegetarian sausages."

Those who make such provocative statements should expect not to take seriously. But in Macinten it is not easy. Dark, smooth suit, Rhymless glass – he has a famous management. "Change!" In his most recent book, he is unpleasant and intense. His critics, who are very rough and unworkable, find that. MacStone will not be rejected.

"I'm not chains, bare bicycles, or even vegetarian sausages," he says. However, he wants to make a difference, he has a respectable life. Citibank worked as an consultant for the automobile industry for the American Express Credit Card Company. He later worked as Business Economist in the South East Asia as "The Economist". He was a general secretary of the Macintron Rome Club in recent years. The Association of Scientists in 1972 published "the scope of growth". A very remarkable report warned about the world inefficient exploitation and the consequences of humanity is now more relevant than before.

"I'm clear that everything we write about growth and economic development is wrong."

But what was the manager and the bank created by the environmentalist? For him, a variation marked the time of Asia. The ugly face of the financial crisis was particularly evident. Magda describes the poverty of many in Malaysia and Indonesia. People who seem to be in deep depths without unprotected net and air, water and unpleasant pollution. "I understand that everything about the growth and economic development is wrong," he says.

In his lectures he calls for the closure of climate change, says Macstein. In this regard, he blamed the lack of knowledge and interest. There is no pressure to change anything. Future generations are coming up, or not enough. "Central Europeans are happy about this summer's warm summer weather, and many people do not want to change that much has changed since."


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