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Seven-year demand for car dealers – Switzerland: Standard

A car dealer has been accused of cheating and other crimes, who will be in prison for seven years. This demanded an eraser prosecutor before the District Court in Lanzberg on Monday. The accused himself rejects all the faults. The verdict is expected to be opened on January 23.

With "sinful crime power", 47-year-old people followed their own interest indefinitely, lied and cheated, the prosecutor said in their petition. He wanted to be a successful businessman at every price. With extreme flexibility, he has always adopted his approach in changing circumstances.

Charge wants seven years

The accused accused the Swiss of professional scandal, mis-management, documentation false beliefs, confusion and other crimes. Among other things, he misused his book so that he could meet his expectations. He threatened the car or sold it to a leasing company with a fake document. Criminality is about 17 million francs.

Keeping in mind the large number of offenses and the behavior of the accused during the crime and in the investigation, seven years of imprisonment is appropriate.

On Tuesday, the legal representative of the former leasing company, with which the accused had closed the lease. A private plaintiff has announced that it will claim damages of 12.6 million Frank's amounts.

After that the defender's advocacy follows. According to the announcement made by the chairman of the court, verdict will be given on January 23.

Barrel without bottom

Trained car mechanic raised garage operation SAR premium cars in Dantikon AG. There he offered luxury car leases from around 2007. Most of his leasing business was with Fidice Finance (Suis) AG, but with other companies. Separately, however, he ended additional contracts with customers, giving them very favorable conditions.

This led to an increase in enthusiasm initially, but could not pay in the long term as a lawyer. Due to the car's return, settlement of the remaining value became a curse for SAR. This was "an unstable pit". Only new customers can maintain the accused fluidity – until 2011, everything has collapsed.

The accused had investigated that "it is difficult for the stories of lies and fog." He presented himself as a victim of malicious managers and bankers, the prosecutor said. By doing so, he showed himself "completely unreasonable" and convicted others, who himself "deceived the worst".

The fault does not have any meaning

The court presented himself as a victim on Monday morning in connection with the inquiry. He did not know any offense, he informed the court. According to him, he always acted properly, but his partners and authorities had done injustice to him. He said, "I have not punished myself in any way."

Today, the defendant lives and works according to their own information in TCs, in a live vehicle company. But years of criminal prosecution have abolished it. He was convicted by the media. His friends were away from him, he lost his fortune. His wife was getting divorced, the accused explained. (Fruit / sda)

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