Monday , August 15 2022

Should Swiss banks run with Apple's PayPal? > Macau head


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Swiss Competition Commission is now auditing a variety of Swiss banks. The financial institutions are suspected of boycotting international mobile payment systems such as the Apple Pay.

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When reporting the magazine 20 minutes, Vuccuku Swiss financial institutions are targeted because illegal contracts are taking place. Credit Suisse, UBS, Post Finance, Credit Card Companies, SwissCort and Adino are jointly attempted to boycott International Banking Payment System. In return, Swiss Solutions should preferred Twain banks.

Companies have denied that the allegations are unworthy. Post Finance announced that it will work with the competitive authority to explain the facts. First search for matches garders in banks.

It has been in Apple since last year. Some time ago, the affected banks took over the payment system Twitter. Twit is a relatively popular mobile payment system. IPhone and Android smartphones are available. Instead of setting up to NFC, the system uses Bluetooth for broadcasting, and should be too slow after reports are experienced.

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