Thursday , July 29 2021

So there was a funeral for Jens Buchner († 49)

The black monument service would not have been in Jane's Buchanan's heart, the widow assured Daniela. The farewell was so colorful – and was a bit intense.

Yesterday the family and close friends took Jane Buchner († 49) leave. The immigrant of the community died last Saturday from lung cancer. On Tuesday, his body was destroyed.

A funeral was held in the Búñor family garden in Art Bona in the east of Marjacca – in the small circle. About thirty guests were there, in which RTL reports, including TV celebrities such as Jungle Camp Candidate Katia Weeks (30) or vocalist Mark Terenzi (40).

It was a special departure: People who mourned did not wear black, but among other things, colored clothes were dressed, smoked, whiskey-cola: "Good-Jans' favorite drink," one of the guests said.

Jens Buchanan's departure in mind

Widow Daniela Buchner (40) is convinced that Jens had imagined her memorial service that she told the station "as if he had a life". It would have been appropriate to sit in every black. "Blurred, louder, exciting. Busher said that there is a sharp departure in his mind.

So, they think Jens wants him, "I'm playing music, we eat, that's something we want to drink, that we talk about, that we mention the stories that represent it." Daniela Buchner is convinced: "She will be happy if her husband is able to see what the memorial service is and what sympathy it is." Hey Honey – We did. "» (White)

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