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Some people show an allergic reaction when eating meat

The new test detects meat allergy more clearly

Baking in lush flakes – For many, a tasty meal, for some, meat consumption can be a tremendous journey of health. The so-called alpha-gallon syndrome describes an allergic reaction that takes two to six hours to eat red meat. This is not known about the causes of puzzled allergy. Researchers have reported that, however, meat allergies are mainly developed after reactions of the burn due to acute stings. The German-Luxembourg research team recently developed a test to diagnose alpha-gall syndrome.

People who suffered from alpha-gall syndrome, eating red meat like meat, pigs, sheep or deer, developed violent allergic reactions that can be done by redness, allergic circulatory shock, through respiratory distress. The symptoms do not appear for two to six hours after use, so pain is difficult to attach to meat consumption. Researchers at the Luxembourg Institute of Health have now developed a test that can identify these rare allergies better. The results of the study were recently presented in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.

For people with meat allergies, every dream stick becomes a nightmare. A new blood test can diagnose rare allergies. (Image: Kandev /

Meat allergy is known only for many years

For the first time in 2009 the existence of meat allergy was shown by US allergy. Even then, researchers suspect that alpha-gall syndrome is mainly developed as a result of tick tumors. According to special sugars on the surface of mammals, these foods trigger immediate triggers for allergy. These sugars are called galactose-alpha-13-galactose, or alpha-gale. These are alpha-gel sugars in human cells.

Animal sugars trigger allergic reactions

According to research team, these animal sugars can cause allergic reactions in some people if they can enter the bloodstream as a result of meat meals. So far, the intolerance of these foods can pass through a complex and dangerous verbal stimulus test: Project Manager says, "The affected people eat in large quantities until they reach an allergic reaction under medical supervision." Christian Higger Due to the delay of time, the test is very complex and without risks.

Blood testing replaces dangerous excitement testing

The German-Luxembourg research team has been able to replace this provocation with a large blood test. In new blood tests, the blood of the affected people is stimulated by artificial allergens. Researchers have written in the press release on the study results, "The strong reaction of basophils (white blood cells) in the lower allergen levels is a clear indication of alpha-gall syndrome."

Does Larcke trigger rare meat allergy?

"We still know little about the causes of alpha-gall syndrome and the immunological support," says Hulgar. So far, it has been observed that, in particular, humans develop meat allergy, which previously showed a strong inflammatory response to the tick bite. What substances in the tick's saliva trigger this reaction and what actually happens in the immune system, is now more evident in research.

Basophiles for allergy diagnosis

The research team also showed that the behavior of basophilous in the blood is appropriate for allergies. The team draws attention to further studies that show that these cells are more interesting for allergicological diagnostics, because they react strongly to other allergic elements. (VB)

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