Tuesday , August 3 2021

Sophia from Sweden: This beautiful dress was almost a secret

Admittedly, some royals are found to be better than others. And Sweden's Sofia is on top of the rankings. No wonder, because the princess knows how to underline her natural charm with the choice of clothes. Beautiful

Latest photos of Princess Sofia (33) donates to us in the favor of the NGO initiative "Project Playground", which is dedicated to helping children in everyday life. Sweden's Sofia is one of the most prominent supporters of this project and has participated in a donation dinner with her husband, Prince Carl Philip (39).

Downas: There are no official pictures from here. So we're lucky to be able to show her beautiful dress shot in the above video.

And the other wow look in the following video No envy: Princess Sofia shows her waist waist

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Sweden's Sophia surprised its fans in recent days with most of the show. So she glimpses with a classic outfit at a ceremony in Stockholm, which fits perfectly on this occasion and at the same time the wonderful picture of two moms has been brought to her best advantage.

Review: Sophia of Sweden also enjoys with babybott – maybe soon?

Princess Sofia is always different, always stylish

In the middle of November, Sweden's Sofia made a sensation with King Carl Gustaf (72) and Queen Silvia (74) with her outfit in official state dinner in honor of Italian President Sergei Materaela (77). With her satin top, a long fitted skirt and matching jewelery she shouted the show to others. Fantastic? Here are the pictures matched to enjoy the video sitting here.

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