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Fondation Baylor can wait for the high Caliber Books installed along with them: Rudolph Stechline Family Family Trust has a long-term loan agreement with Rhein BAS Museum 19. Previously, it was collected in the Basel Art Museum.

The Trust is run by Paul Cessan, Vincent van Gogh, Ferdinand Hodler, Pablo Picasso, Edgar Degas and Agusta Renoir. Their titles are not listed. The Starchen Collections have to show the fonts «periodically». It also conveys the idea that "Sublicensee and abroad are available abroad."

As for fundraising, the borrowing agreement has been designed for more than ten years. It is waiting for the coming of work in the coming years. According to one spokesman, they opened to the public in the fall of 2019.

The family found that the new loan agreement was reimbursed by the government. Foundation director Sam Keller can be mentioned in this statement. The Stanchelian collection has a dynamic history.


In 1997 there were 17 Imperinian Masterpieces from the Family Foundation Art Museum Basel She withdrew and moved to Texas. In 1995, the cultural property responded to the Federal Council of the Unified Convention against Artificial Restriction and Switzerland attempted to block its approval.

The 17 works of the foundation "dropped gaps in the art museum's existence", and the public art work at that time was written by the Department of Basel and Basel. It was initially scheduled for three years and the installation ended in 2002. The collection was temporarily returned to Kunstmuseum Basel.

The Basel loan agreement has expired in 2015. As a result, the Starchen collection first went to Madrid and later to Washington. However, a trust spokesperson said, "No jobs will be issued from 2017 until now. They distributed in an unnamed warehouse.

Family property

The Stecklink Family Trust was founded by the New York Act under the "Family" unit for collection of swings and nationalization in Switzerland and nationalization of "Basel". In 2013, Riyi Steelyin explained in an interview with Friends of the Concierge Basel.

Rudolf Stechelin joined a real estate developer who died in 1946 and later with the Lance Board of Directors. In the first half of the last century he collected his lofty works of art. In 1931, he was transferred to his Family Foundation. Parts of the collection were lending loans to museums.

In 1967, the Foundation sold some activities. Because a family member was also a financial crisis. The popularity of the exhibition at the museum was over for years.

Visit Fund

Basel took over the Pubszo aquarium for 8.4 million pieces of money collected or approved through cash and reimbursement. This made Picasso very attractive. Family base later sold more books.

In the meantime, several foundation collections were introduced in Fondation Beerler, which featured seven hodlar paintings in a major exhibition in 2013. The community mentions his long-standing friendship with the Foundation and Ennist Belier on Monday. A spokeswoman for the bank said, (CJ / sda)

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