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SVP The self-determination initiative suffers from a clear disassembly

This material was published on November 25, 2018, 12:04

Judge of European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.
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Swiss voters can not fully satisfy the federal constitution against international law: according to extrapolation, 66% of people did not tell the self-determination initiative. Because most of the cantons were rejected by the bill, the failure of the bill has already been corrected. With their request, the Swiss People's Party wants to enforce Swiss law on international law.

Only 33% Yes: This is a clear verdict on the self-determination initiativeExternal link (SBI). This SRG is shown by extrapolation published by the research institute gfs.bern on behalf of SSR. The error rate is +/- 2%. Thus, the right wing of the conservative Swiss People's Party (SVP) has more clearly failed than expected.

As it is already clear that the template has missed the most essential position, the end of the self-determination initiative is fixed.

In its analysis on Swiss television (SRF), LCS Golder, co-head of GFSBer, states, "This is a clear slap for SVP." "SVP is capable of deploying its own ranks and a few crashes, but in the middle, she has not received any support."

In the country, a demilization was done from SVP's perspective, in exchange for which Left and Greens successfully joined cities and organizations.

SVP is different from scratch

These initiatives were the improvement of the institutions, and here SVP is clearly not able to find most, Golder continues. There was socio-political problems like migrating, identity and sovereignty, internal security or serious offenses for the party's original occupation. In such a submission, the SVP has made exceptions and has brought many of its efforts.

"However, in the case of self-determination initiative, initially SVP was separated from the start, other parties were clearly against it," said Golder. Other parties have now worked routinely to meet the main concerns of SVP. "In the self-determination initiative SVP wanted to talk about Switzerland's direct democracy, but she did not make it."

By the end, the media had named the weak points of the bill – legal uncertainty and international loneliness – from the beginning

Goldner said that the SVP in Western Switzerland was mainly strong for the sample. He rejected the enforcement initiative more clearly than other parts of the country. Now the French speech was more intense in the SVP defeat in Switzerland.

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Poll results of 25 November 2018

Already in the run-up, someone suggested that: In two surveys, gfs.bern was published in mid-October and at the beginning of November, 55% responded. 61% of respondents said they would reject SBI.

The obvious majority of Swiss voters do not want to know something about the restructuring of the legal system. According to their initiative, the right wing conservative Swiss People's Party (SVP) wants that the federal constitution will be crucial for Swiss politics and courts. International international law would comply with state law.

Simple Vote Autonomous Initiative

Avoid Repetition "Case MEI"

By doing this, SVP wants to decide in the format that popular initiatives or laws in the future will be applicable in any case. Even though they are in the grip of an international agreement. Because Parliament will have to implement these loyal people in the referendum, so a democracy will be established in Switzerland, so SVP will be established.

The SVP Initiative "Against Mass Immigration" (MEI) came in such a clinic: Swiss people said very little in Switzerland, yes, Switzerland independently controls immigration, d. h. Probably limited to Kota.

However, this new law would have violated the bilateral agreement with the Brussels on the free movement of people in the EU, the Swiss parliament would forward the initiative with "national priority light". SVP protested louder and raised objection to constitutional breakdown.

In the case of elephant self-determination initiative, only the compulsory international law was above the federal constitution. For example, bans on torture and slavery. In all other cases of conflict between national and international law, Switzerland would have either improved or stopped international treaties.

Opponents feared two things to accept the initiative: first, legal uncertainty and secondly, the fundamental rights-solving solution for the people of Switzerland.

In the previous campaign of voting, the front was clear: SVP was the only supporter, all other parties had issued no-sloan.

Popular initiative "Swiss law (self-preservation initiative) in place of foreign judges"

External links to self-determination initiativesExternal link The Swiss People's Party (SVP) proposes some changes in the format. Among other things:

  • Swiss Constitution is now Switzerland's most legal source.
  • The Swiss Constitution is new to international law and takes precedence over it – with the exception of compulsory provisions of international law (eg harassment, bondage or invasion of invasion wars).
  • Switzerland can not enter any binding under international law, which is against the Constitution.
  • In the event of a conflict between constitution and international law, Switzerland should amend or end international treaties. Again, with the exception of compulsory international law: this remains untouchable.
  • Based on referendum in Switzerland, it will be crucial to international treaties courts.

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