Saturday , January 16 2021

Tesla Bose Allocates Allegiance Tasks With Alan Musk Trump

Alan Musk wants exemption from penal tariff on parts purchased in China. It's the US In the supplier is looking for. Unsuccessful

Tesla Boss Alon Musk, 47, U.S. And there was enough trade dispute between China. He asked US President Donald Trump (72) to give salvation to his company. Reason: August has paid a new model 3 for an on-board computer, which he bought in China, which is a 25 percent penal tariff.

This is disastrous for their company as it increases costs and reduces the returns. US According to the media, the mask has been looked at for alternatives, but despite the fast in the United States, a provider has not found that the supply has the same computer on the board and it delivers the required quantity in a short time.

18 months delay

According to the mask, Tesla has to install another on-board computer, the model 3 will be more delayed. Musk expects 18 months. He also fears that quality can also be affected by change.

Model 3 wants to make a leap in the mass market with Tesla. But the car manufacturer is still far away from it. In the last quarter of 2018, the world sold 63 '150 units worldwide. Less than planned Tesla's share declined by 7% at the beginning of the year.

General Motors also demands an exception

Tanela is not the only career that is suppressed on Donald Trump, who seeks relaxation from penalized tariffs. Besides, General Motors Mortars has warned about the development of commercial warfare and has sought special treatment. In reply to the White House, GM did not get any reply.

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