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Tested: The new MacBook Air

Apple's co-founder Apple's first MacBook Air put forward a marvelous audience and praised it as "the world's thinnest notebook". Message reached. MacBook Air became Apple's most popular notebook, and used the whole industry as a design template.

In the past few years, though, the enthusiasm for Apple's MacBook Air seems to be diminished. For example, when there was a narrative-shaped notebook, there was a processor in chip supplier Intel's old age Broadworld architecture now. The now fully modified version of Apple's Boss Tim Cook is eliminated by fans on the Macintosh Notebook.

Pixel number triple

The older generation has a big difference on the screen. The new MacBook Air is featuring a 13-inch IPS style retina display with 227 dpi resolution. The screen contains four million pixels screen. The old 13-inch model has a 1.3 million pixel resolution. So the text is still fun and sharp. Photos are more beautiful, and beyond all, the number of colors that can be displayed increases to 48%. Even if you are sitting a few hours before the new model, you do not want to use the low resolution screen. However, the screen does not glow like the pro models.

Apple is now the eighth generation of the core i5 chips in the main processor. This gives the device more power. Performance depends on the amount of RAM (RAM). You can choose between 8 and 16 gigabytes (GB) RAM. Most users will get 8GB RAM. For SSD main memory, large data (128 GB) is not enough to store large data data sets, at least 256 GB capacity. It is 512 GB or 1.5 trabbit.

MacBook acquires components from Air Pro

Some components of the new MacBook Air are already familiar from the pro series: For example, a Touch ID sensor has been installed so that you can change password entries with a lot of fingerprints. In Germany, Apple payments will pay you online shopping immediately after the announced launch.

Access control is beautifully resolved: Using the new MacBook Air, the fingerprint scanner connects the top right of the keyboard. Photo: Franziska Gabbert

T2 security chip comes from Pro models, and protects Mac against Mac using malicious software during booting. The T2 chip ensures that the MacBook Air can sound voice assistant Siri. This will completely disable the device's microphones as soon as the notebook is shut down. This distinction occurs according to data from Apple's "just hardware level". So, a malware can no longer act as a microphone active.

Great keyboard

The Air Keyboard refers to the current Pro range. When typing, this third generation of low-stroke butterfly keyboard accurately calculates and is not as loud as the old PS models. The first versions of the butterfly can be repaired when the keys are in bursts or dust. Warranty statistics in the new MacBook Pro models has now been fixed. This will benefit MacBook Air.

Few interfaces

Apple has reduced the number of internal fases. The old MacBook Air (13 inch) still has two USB-A ports, Thunderbolt port, and a slot for SD cards. The new one is only two USB-C jacks, but it can be used as a DisplayPort as an external monitor or a faster Thunderbolt port to access external storage. If you want to plug a standard USB stick, you need an adapter. If you want to bring photos from a camera without a card reader attached to a notebook, you lose SD card slots.

After all, Apple's engineers took a new headphone jack and new MacBook Air jack. Video conferencing with programs like Face Tim and Scope, three microphones make noise. This will help the language assistant siri.

Battery lasts for a long time

The main criteria for everyday utility is battery life. Apple claims that you can surf the web for twelve hours using the new MacBook Air. In practical testing, it does not take hours at this time, as between games or applications like Adobe Photoshop. A digital nodk MacBook Air routine work days but endless without socket stop.

With a dual-core processor, the MacBook Air is not a computational device that recommends video experts to dramatically increase the length of 4k. The notebook fulfills the tasks of everyday life, but is thick. When browsing the web again in 20 tabs MacBook Air only informs the manga as the soft hump of this fan. If you need more energy, you need to switch to MacBook Pro models using the four cores in the apple universe. The 12-inch MacBook will have a weight loss of 920 grams to a MacBook aerial 1.25 pounds.

Lookup or Wedge: At the glance, there is a 13-inch version of MacBook Pro (left) and MacBook Air (13) screen and 13-inch screen. Photo: Franziska Gabbert

Recycled aluminum built housing

MacBook Air is the "Greenest" Mac, because the recycled aluminum is primarily used in the production of iPad. This stops CO2 emissions based on Apple data.

Price increased

Specifically, the upgraded Apple of Retina display display has been upgraded to just 1350 euros (8GB RAM and 128GB SSD storage) for the MacBook Air. The model, which has 256 GB SSD storage, is under € 1600. MacBook Air Gray, gold and silver are available. Spare specifications in the MacBook Air 2017er have 1100 euros each. Christoph Durbach

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