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The German (51) clears CHF 1.15 million at Casino Baden

On Saturday night, a German tried his luck at a slot machine in the Grand Casino Baden and got 1 & # 39; 158 & # 39; 639 francs. The 51-year-old really wanted to play poker. He promised after the blessing of money.

Last Saturday, a 51-year-old man broke the jackpot at the Grand Casino Baden and won the 1 & # 39; 158 & # 39; 639 Swiss Franc. As the casino wrote in a message, the slot machine hit the fate at "King's Gold II Deluxe" at 10:45 pm. The Germans were celebrating near the Swiss border under the guise of a national anthem and under the guise of a casino team. He could see the joy of it, but there was no loud cheer. "The winner responded rather quietly," the Casino CEO, Detlef Bruce, told BLICK.

The lucky person who gets out at the end of the evening, is a millionaire pure coincidence. «The guest played at the poker table and wanted to stretch his legs. In doing so, he risked 50૦ francs on a vending machine, which was probably the best idea of ​​his life. The German used the money and immediately showed the machine five consecutive sphinxes – the combination needed for the jackpot.

Celebration with Coca-Cola

Brooke says her place at the poker table was given by the new mint millionaire, who spent the evening unobtrusively. "He then contacted the casino staff and then drank two coca-colas before going home," says the casino's CEO. "The guest was paid five-digit cash that evening in cash and provided good support for the staff," says Broz.

Brosso says the new millionaire is a casual guest at the casino. However, for the first time, he had cleaned up such a large amount. He is the twelfth winner of the Swiss Jackpot in casino history.

Now he also resolves and longs to marry his long-promised promise to his girlfriend.

His money is probably kept to all the 4-year-olds, because big profits at Swiss casinos are usually tax-free in Germany. Grand Casino Baden has paid more than 21 million francs to its twelve fortunes so far.

The jackpot was last broken in June 2017. At that time a Zurich had cleared 2.7 million francs (Blick reported).

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