Friday , September 17 2021

The Lucene City Council switches to the racquer station

The city council takes time for Lucerne to analyze the situation for car parking. Then, in a participatory process, he should withdraw from the controversial projects for the majority of eligibility goals.

The director of mobility director Adrian Borgula, economic director, Francis Bitti, said about the city government's decision on tourism and tourist buses. The solutions to the number of coaches in the city, where they should stop, did not reach. On the contrary, the city government wants to take action and seek solutions to various actors.

As a result, the city's government in the city is dismissive: "City Center refreshes: no talks are banned – The Parkus Museum is in front of the people!" From The bourgeois parties and business organizations seek to resume planning for a parking garage project at Musegg Hill.

Responding to parliamentary decision

The private parking garage project has provided parking for 600 cars and cars. City signed up with sponsoring agency in 2015. By the end of 2016, the city council ended. The project was started with the reaction of the ban on discussion.

City Council decided to take the initiative this year and find solutions to tourist buses. However, in June the city council rejected the deal. Further discussions need to be taken care of. In the meanwhile, there is no change in the city government's view that a car park in the city is not a crucial solution.

Whether the population is taking the initiative in the vote is open. The Entrepreneur's Committee had Friday hinted at withdrawing the popular enterprise if there was a comprehensive discussion of future tourist and car parks in the city.

Find solutions without blinkers

The city council has been ready for a comprehensive discussion. He wants to analyze the situation around tourism and coaches. About concrete projects – There are ideas for eBay (metro connection to the city) or Alan Men (with a suburban train connecting to the city) or car parking under Swordsherhouse – he does not want to talk at this time.

The City Council for joint analysis and car parking is aimed at reviewing current and growing studies and studies in these areas in 2019.

And the strategic process must start with the charts. If any public targets with participants are to be reviewed, any new plans and targets should be reviewed. Borgellah said the city council was doing an open mind.

So far, discussions have led to personal precautions. Burke was confident that he could find a way out. The burning is lower than the front of the public. There are public interests. Therefore, he points out that parking in Musegghügel will be opened for a small project to start with.

The city council believes that Lucar could spend more time on analyzes and discussions. In the case of tourist cars, Bourkula said that the situation was not speedy, and in summer the cold harvesting limits. Bitsi said that tourism in Lusenette is not like Venice. But Lucan is not there.

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