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The Netfix series inspires "Cleaning with Mary Cono" – but uff, it's annoying

Netflix series «Cleaning with Mary Kondo» motivation – but uff, she Suck

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"New year, new new!", You think in a secret, when you are on New Year's Eve, before a midnight night with a glass of bubbly on his TV screen. So here it is, New Year, and you claim that New Year's resolution is for losers only, you're secretly less drinking, your fellow humans look nice, and generally make your life better. And the next begins in your four walls.

"Ha!" In the meantime, at Knitfix, the management taps – because now he is harassing you where he suffers. For example, when you call Netflix indefinitely on New Year's Day to start a new flat, you're working hard as one of the last one, the faces of a young Japanese woman will make you laugh. Except its title: «Cleaning with Mary Condo.»

Clean? Hey I just wanted to chili, Mary.

"With inspirational clearing actions", Mary Condo wants me to help "remove malicious sites" and "make room for more Joey di Weaver", promise me Netflix.

And even though I'm still in New Year's comforter and really just looking for something to sing, I immediately click on "Play" – because in some way she encouraged me, nice Mary, who gave me her a brilliant smile Wants to make credible, that she could also improve my mess shop. Because it meets a nerve I share with others: me Wants Yes be naught And especially New Year inspiration is still very strong.

Then this series fails to kick me in the buttocks, I want to explain here.

But first … who Is there The woman?

Before I think about it – that is, how good is this full-featured porn for fans of orders – it's probably a crucial question:

Who is Mary Condo?

Yes, I felt the same way because I had never heard him before. Shame on my head, because 34-year-old Mary Condom from Japan, is the # bestselling author of The New York Times. What was the most successful book about you? Advice given right: to clean. In "Magic cleaning: how to clean your life", she describes "Connection Method ™", which works after one after another classes (Connery.com) that breaks the balance in five categories. And this method is also used in the Netfix series – whose families are brought to the families of American families by Mary Condo. However, in reality, actually less than that … but more on it now.

Now, let's face it, what is the use of cleaning with Mary Condo?

I was excited about this idea, a specialist in a large area of ​​clearing and planning will now say in uncertain terms how I receive my life (or at least my apartment) on the line: I was very disappointed.

Because, dear people, "cleaning with Mary condom" is not a "we pack-it" show, it is "used in four walls" (here, tin butler, good time), but you do not have a spiritual workshop about telepathy. Talk to and talk tenderly with your clothes (yes, seriously).

It started pretty promising.

In the first episode, we know friends (not the surnames, TV series), which are really bad about who is responsible for the angle of the house. (Spoiler: They work 50 or 60 hours a week, so they do not want to raise just two children, but in addition to their part time job, the whole house should also be raised.) Okay, however, it is a pretty dirty split split, But when she also complains that she has taken home help for laundry, my understanding ends.)

Performance Mary Condo She is frosting with her interpreter / umbrella holder at Friendsse. The author obviously just speaks bad English, but with constant (smile) he can easily communicate his message: «I Will do You are Save "

However, this salvation is only slow in progress, do not say: Not at all.

Entrümpelungsmeisterin informed her house that she is now clean, she goes to a class: clothes. And there is no reason to fly, which is not a cause of happiness – but only after Thanksgiving. Have you ever thanked the "Skip Goals" inscription for its loyal service at the top of the tank? Nina? Mary Kondo already

And then after showing how to make a nice clothes for friends, after that half an hour, to stay away for a week and to leave the friends, there is no pleasurable clothes with the words of those who do not have to do spiritual work. Send thanks to Nirvana. «Cleaning with Mary Condo»? Definitely not. Maybe instead of «tidying Without Mary Condo »

bye Bye.

With the same section of works, the whole thing goes to children's rooms, garages and kitchens weekly: Mary Condo makes laughing instructions (Pro-Tip: Buy Boxes for Everyone!) And then escapes again under the umbrella of her interpreter. Thank you, Mr. Kundo. For … NothingI think friends friends are convinced that they have not only brought their home but brought their marriage forward. Single friends have done all the work. Thanks, people!

And yet …

I do not have to take anything individually with Mary Condo's delicate cleaning system: I felt inspired after all, because I was jealous after friends proudly presented their prestigious garage. I do not have garages or even a car – but a little complete dependence in me is like the achievement, the desire for the purification of the soul.

And obviously I was not alone.

And yes, acceptable, some tips are useful.

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