Friday , June 18 2021

The wild west update is here, the patch notes in the German language

For Fortnight: Battle Royale Patch 6.30 is the next update. Western mode and new weapon have already been announced. There is an additional hero and revolver to save the world.

6.30 In addition to the patch for updating, more and more games will be added. Highlight is characterized by wildfire-West-mode using Dynamite. But even in the PvE mode, save the world, there will be something new to find.

Update: That's it A new dynamite from the game alreadyDue to unexpected client crashes. Epic works in a solution.

Features of the new update in PvP

New method – Wild West: Now, as the leak and cheek tweets, today's new, time limited two-wheeler model came to be called "Wild West". This has different laws. There are very few weapons and equipments:

Arms Available:

  • Hunting rifle
  • Pumpugun
  • Double barreled shotgun
  • Shooting iron
  • Minigun (yes, it's just discovered!)

Fortnite-RdW Available items:

  • Stock
  • Associations
  • Medicts
  • dynamite English
  • Schlerffeld (on the pitch only)

Wild West mode has replaced disco domination, but the food struggle is still available.

New Item – Dynamite: This item is just a grenade. When the cylinders were exploding, the damage to the property had caused 70 damages and 800 damages to the players. Another thing against the batmaster Please note: Even if you still own it, the fuze burns just 5 seconds, the Dynamite starts exploding!

fn-wild-west-title-01 New tournament: Plunderer pop-up cups (Duos) are arranged. The resource limit reduced from 500 to 300 For this you will get 3 explosives in 5 instead of grenade stacks.

Patch highlights in PvE

New hero: Explosives expert "8-bit demo" is now in a weekly shop. It will be available at 01:00 CET from November 22 to November 29. Use the burden to trick opponents to a fixed position. There he maketh them go.


New weapon: The ghost song shop is located. You can buy it from November 22 to November 29th. The lesser shooting of the weapon, its demons, the enemies and the walls penetrate.

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